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Question regarding faster crafting time: 6/21/2023 11:11:30

Level 26
Hey there!

I'm back to Europe Huge again and just cobbling together the two Relays - looking at the "6 hours" crafting time per Relay I figured I'd throw a bit of resources against "Faster Crafters - Increase Speed of all crafters by 10%". I have no other buffs or advancements influencing my crafting speed.

After the upgrade was done the crafting time for the Relays was down from 6 hours ... to 5 hours 56 minutes. According to my understanding of math where 10% of 6 hours is 36 minutes the new time should be 5 hours and 24 minutes.

So question is - is the crafting time without upgrades massively rounded (displaying 6 hours instead of 6 hours 20 Minutes) or is there something off here? Would highly appreciate someone looking into this :)
Question regarding faster crafting time: 6/21/2023 12:28:14

Level 60
I think times over 6h are rounded to full hour values
Question regarding faster crafting time: 6/21/2023 21:20:55

Level 56
rounding is a very surprising thing in idle. 6 is a kind of magic, where you don't see fractions. Its the same with cooling down time, updating artifacts etc. Only if numbers are smaller than 6, you see more details.
And: Its no rounding, its just cutting off all things behind the dot.
But: 6 is not everywhere the magic border. Selling alloys is one example.

Edited 6/21/2023 21:23:04
Question regarding faster crafting time: 6/21/2023 21:46:44

Level 61
Once you have that Tech and can see the 5:56, if you max the advancement "Increase Crafters Speed"(50%) and watch an add for a 30% reduction, the craft time is close to 2 hours (like 1 hospital upgrade). (5+56/60)*0.5*0.7=2.076666667
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