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best alloys in markets: 6/10/2023 22:10:52

Level 59
africa: tin lead platinum titanium neodymium lanthanum terbium
h far land: tin nickel silicon gold n/a

Edited 6/10/2023 22:56:12
best alloys in markets: 6/10/2023 22:29:19

Level 60
Ursa:Luna : copper
Hardened Ursa Luna : tin
Drakemors World : iron
Peleponnesian War : tin
Hardened Peleponnesian War : iron
K-PX : iron
The Siege of Feldmere : zinc nickel
Hardened Siege of Feldmere : zinc nickel
Sengoku Rise of Oda Nobunaga : tin zinc silicon
Copper Creek Castle : iron zinc
Hardened Copper Creek Castle : copper nickel
Geopolitics : zinc nickel aluminum
Breaking Green : copper lead silver
Far Land : iron nickel aluminum silver titanium
Hardened Far Land : tin nickel gold silicon titanium
Reconquest 1065 : iron lead gold aluminum
Fort Harbor : tin nickel aluminum silver titanium
Europe 1066 AD : tin lead aluminum platinum gold thorium
AD 1045 Roads of Silk and Iron : tin silicon titanium thorium silver neodymium chromium
Old Town : iron silicon neodymium platinum silver uranium samarium
Hardened Old Town : iron lead silver neodymium gold chromium samarium
Orbis Veteribus Notus : iron lead silver titanium copper samarium chromium
Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries : iron aluminum platinum neodymium gold samarium lanthanum
Hardened Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries : nickel lead gold platinum chromium uranium samarium
Asia Population Density : iron silicon platinum titanium thorium neodymium uranium
Africa : tin lead platinum neodymium lanthanum titanium terbium
Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire : aluminum iron silver copper chromium thorium uranium
Hardened Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire : aluminum zinc silver thorium neodymium metal pipe samarium
Australia : zinc silicon nail platinum thorium chromium terbium
Netherlands : tin aluminum iron gold lanthanum titanium uranium
China : nickel silicon screw silver chromium uranium thorium
Hardened China : iron lead silver screw neodymium uranium titanium
Afro-Eurasia Gargantuan : tin lead aluminum titanium platinum chromium lanthanum
Triskelion : zinc silicon lead chromium titanium lanthanum samarium
Hardened Triskelion : nickel silicon iron neodymium platinum lanthanum terbium
United States : tin lead silicon thorium chromium bolt uranium
Europe Huge : zinc lead silicon platinum chromium neodymium uranium
Hardened Europe Huge : nickel tin silicon titanium neodymium samarium uranium
Hex Earth : nickel aluminum gold tin lead

Edited 6/10/2023 23:17:21
best alloys in markets: 6/10/2023 23:22:07

Level 59
omg, thank
best alloys in markets: 6/10/2023 23:41:36

Level 60
Is this just the lowest percentage change for every market or something else?
best alloys in markets: 6/10/2023 23:45:00

Level 59
yes, these are the alloys and bolt for market strat
best alloys in markets: 6/11/2023 17:11:12

Level 63
Very cool, thanks Cos and Ivan!
best alloys in markets: 6/22/2023 21:05:48

Level 60
thank you very much!
best alloys in markets: 7/1/2023 12:42:53

Level 60
Thanks ivan!

this is the alloy you pick to buy and sell for maximum money

Edited 7/1/2023 12:43:54
best alloys in markets: 7/1/2023 18:21:45

Doctor K 
Level 61
best alloys in markets: 7/2/2023 04:43:23

Level 59
next challenge: get all the item price increase rates in every market so that we can graph them and look for ~patterns~
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