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Time Warp buff!: 5/25/2023 22:34:08

Level 53
It has been noted in the past that Auto-Draft and Auto-Dig do not trigger during Time Warp, only at the end. In other words, if you have a dig complete during a Time Warp, the next one will start but will be at 0% even if it technically could have been multiple hours into the dig by the time Time Warp is complete. Similarly, when Time Warping you get only one new draft, regardless of how long the actual warp period is.

However, neither of the above is true now! I noted as of quite recently that both Auto-Dig and Auto-Draft are fully functional in conjunction with Time Warp, you get the same result as if you had waited the number of warped hours. I'm coming up on my first SAsc and this revelation has actually changed my mind on what artifacts to take along with me (now Legendary AV and TW rather than AV and maybe SAC or QS).

At the same time, this is also a pretty big buff to Auto-Draft and Auto-Dig. Those with high levels of dig speed could easily dig dozens of artifacts in a single Time Warp now (probably - I'm not yet in that group and so can't test), that's wild. Likewise, getting a huge kick of armies from drafts while you do a round of hospital upgrades with Time Warp is a game changer.
Time Warp buff!: 5/26/2023 11:14:59

Level 60
This is true with the arti, the powers sometimes don't work well
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