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weird suggestion- Negative Neutural Territories: 5/23/2023 15:50:35

Level 62
(thought of this in the shower) I would like to suggest a shower thought I had for this game.

I suggest that it be possible to configure that Netural territories can have negative army numbers. This meaning that you gain armies when you kill them.

For example, You have 10 armies and are attacking a -20 territory.
Your offensive kill rate is 70%, so you will be able to take the territory.
The -20 has a 60% defense kill rate, and that means that you will gain 12 armies, resulting in you finishing with taking the territories with 22 armies

This of course makes zero sense when you apply it in real life, but I think it could be fun to play with negative neutrals inside the game. It would likely lead to games with a very high rate of growth.

also multiattack could become insane

idk, what do u guys think

Edited 5/23/2023 15:53:11
weird suggestion- Negative Neutural Territories: 5/23/2023 15:51:09

Level 60
woah. that's cool! also, the whole idea of "bonus" makes no sense irl so... ILDECA
weird suggestion- Negative Neutural Territories: 5/23/2023 19:03:34

waffle 1.0 
Level 56
you can kind of set it up already with the Army Cache mod and neutrals of 0. obviously won't be exactly the same since it won't depend on the number of neutrals/your killrate, but you can do that and just put one on every territory and randomize the amount highly
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