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Something ambitious.: 5/12/2023 07:58:55

Level 54
I am looking for those who would be interested in joining a game that uses warzone as the medium and another game (ie total war and other battle games) as a decider for battles adding a layer of depth to the game.

I've done stuff like this with warzone as it's wonderful for this with friends. However, I have not done anything concrete and would like to design something around this idea so any participants or ideas are appreciated.

If I manage to get a positive response, I'll set everything up.
Something ambitious.: 5/12/2023 21:41:25

Beep Beep I'm A Jeep 
Level 64
Sounds fun but I suck at everything besides warlight :(
Something ambitious.: 5/12/2023 21:51:25

Bring * back! ⌛sucks! 
Level 62
The question is, which templates you would play on?
Something ambitious.: 5/12/2023 21:51:34

Level 63
They combined my two favorite games Crusader King and Mount and Blade, pretty cool

I would suggest joining the modding community discord and see where to go from there. We don’t have many experienced modders but that’s a rly cool concept that could create interest
Something ambitious.: 5/12/2023 22:16:50

Roi Joleil
Level 60
Sounds cool but also depends.
Like if you choose games like TW chances are people wont have it and cant be bothered to buy.
Also would obviously be a lot of work creating a system.
Lastly.. make another forum thread with a more enticing Title.. afterall you gotta clickbait people into actually reading the thread.
Something ambitious.: 5/13/2023 00:46:07

Level 54
it's all up for debate on what mediums would be used, logically dictated by the players involved ie if everyone has x game that would be the game used for that run. As for map if people want to use different maps a few would be brought forward and voted on.

I do not know where the modding team discord would be

I would as the proposer make the system and make it with input from those using it.

once I get traction with people, I would make a discord for it since it would be mandatory to organize and develop it.

lastly I'm not very good at clickbaitong people lol. I'm an idea guy vs a gatherer hence using a public forum to garner interest.

Edited 5/13/2023 01:30:02
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