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How does army cap work?: 4/15/2023 04:09:16

Level 59
The wiki says:
"For example, if your income is 14 and the Army Cap is set at 20, the total number of armies you can have is 280 (14 times 20). If you reach 280 armies on the board, you will no longer receive new armies until you either increase your income or reduce the number of armies you have on the board."
At turn 1:
Their base income is 12 and the army cap is set at 1. They have 24 armies on the board, due to 4 territories with 6 armies each. Yet they can deploy 12 gold per turn worth. The game telling me 12x1 is greater than 24? Wow, they just invented a new arithmetic.

And yet I get 0 gold per turn for getting 13 total income (before I surrendered because I have immediately lost due to this bug/mistake (depending on whose fault it is, mine or the game)(though it is also possible that I could get around this, but I would clearly still be at a serious disadvantage))

I've played the modded tourney by Stefano which uses army cap, and NEVER got into this... thing. Idk how to describe it lol.

How does army cap work?

If there are any errors/gaps i have failed to explain or made a mistake in pls let me know ill try to fix it lol

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How does army cap work?: 4/15/2023 09:41:12

Level 64
Before turn 1: All players are capped, so no deployments.
After turn 1: The green player killed all of their armies, so they received 12 gold for the next turn. Meanwhile, the pink player only get rid of their half armies, therefore 6 gold for the upcoming turn.

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How does army cap work?: 4/15/2023 10:17:22

Level 62
thats a cool pfp rufus
How does army cap work?: 4/17/2023 15:36:35

waffle 1.0 
Level 55
You don't actually see how many armies they can deploy - you can only see how your own income is adjusted by the army cap. In fact, in history, you can see that turn 1 nobody can deploy, you just weren't able to see it initially because the game has fog. The army cap limit is the base income since it's 1x, and that means the amount of gold you get each turn is 0 if you have less than 12+the income of bonuses/cities you have. In order to get rid of it, you need to kill off your armies, then you are able to deploy where you actually want them. Actually H, the winner of your game, has done it very efficiently, and neither you or the other player seemed to know how to play, hence H won.

It is working as intended, you just did not understand it. Most players in that tourney seem to have understood it - you can look at some of the finished games and maybe it will be easier to understand how to play with army cap.

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How does army cap work?: 4/17/2023 17:32:18

Level 61
On light fog cap, the game shows you how many armies a player can deploy if all territories you can't see have 0 armies on them.
How does army cap work?: 4/17/2023 18:23:38

Level 62
The displayed income in army cap games is misleading when the game is still in progress
How does army cap work?: 4/17/2023 23:42:56

Level 59
no wonder. thanks
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