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best warzone template: 3/25/2023 14:07:05

Level 58
I cannot provide a definitive answer on the best template for the strategy game Warzone.com as the best template may vary depending on individual playstyles, strategies, and preferences.

However, there are some popular templates on Warzone.com that are often played and enjoyed by many players. Some of these templates include:

1v1 MELEE: This is a classic template where two players battle it out in a head-to-head match. It's a great template for beginners to learn the basics of the game and for experienced players to test their skills against each other.

MULTI-DAY ESCALATING: This template is a longer game mode that lasts for several days. The armies grow larger and larger as the game progresses, making for some epic battles towards the end. This template requires a lot of patience and strategic planning to win.

DIPLOMACY: This template is all about forming alliances and making deals with other players to conquer the map together. It's a great template for players who enjoy negotiating and forming alliances with others.

NO LUCK: In this template, there is no random element involved in battles, meaning that the outcome of battles is determined solely by the strength of the armies involved. This template is great for players who prefer a more deterministic approach to the game.

Ultimately, the best template for Warzone.com will depend on your personal preferences, playstyle, and skill level. It's best to experiment with different templates to find the one that you enjoy the most.

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best warzone template: 3/25/2023 14:08:13

Level 58
"Duel Lotto 1.0" - this is the answer to the question, that was not asked.

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best warzone template: 3/25/2023 14:09:00

Level 62
smells like ChatGPT in here
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