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Points reimbursed for ad-blocker?: 8/25/2013 22:00:48

Level 28
So I've been using ad-blocker and as such I've only been getting 10% of the regular points. So my question is, if I turn off ad-blocker, will I get the points back for some of the 1 time trophies like beating a certain level player or am I stuck with getting the 10% and have to play a ton more games to catch up in level?
Points reimbursed for ad-blocker?: 8/25/2013 22:23:45

Level 58
Each in-game ad view will decrease the penalty by 10%. So within 10 in-game ad views, if you were at the maximum, you'll be receiving full points again.

(Fizzer himself said this)

So it`ll take some time before you get full points, and you won`t get points for things you`ve already done.
Points reimbursed for ad-blocker?: 8/25/2013 23:48:40

Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged
Level 38
Why should the points be restored? That would defeat the whole purpose of punishing those using adblockers.
Points reimbursed for ad-blocker?: 8/26/2013 10:37:18

Level 46
Restoring points could be an incentive for people to disable their adblocker.

Not restoring points could be an incentive to disable it quickly.

(Of course, there's the risk of people temporarily disabling their adblocker every once in a while, play ten games, then enable it again.)
Posts 1 - 4 of 4