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Suggestion: Regarding k,m,b,t,p: 3/10/2023 00:38:54

Level 62
Sometimes when I'm buying stuff from markets, since some buttons are really close to each other, I accidentally type 121p instead of 1210 and then spend all my money buying nails. This happens probably at least once per week or something.

I'll never intend to buy 1p items from a market. Will be nice if I can disable interpreting p as a part of a number in markets.
Suggestion: Regarding k,m,b,t,p: 3/10/2023 21:10:00

Level 58
Ouch, I didn't even realize that m, b, t, and p were valid abbreviations. I always purchase 4-5 digit quantities for techs in terms of k. I really wish we could select certain techs and automatically purchase available alloys/items for those techs. I know there is an auto purchase tech advancement, but the fact that we can't select the techs we want makes it kind of unappealing in my eyes.
Suggestion: Regarding k,m,b,t,p: 3/10/2023 23:35:29

Level 63
i make so many typos in the markets its not funny anymore, but luckily i tend to type 'j' which is not a valid multiplier 😅
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