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Artifact Cooldown Speed: 2/15/2023 13:22:13

Level 54

when checking the modifiers there is an Option "Artifact Cooldown Speed". How you can shrink this? I have not seen any artifact neither an advancement, which can influence that (besides the time warp). Have I overseen something?
Artifact Cooldown Speed: 2/15/2023 13:26:06

Level 60
Clan war reward for getting 4 territories reduces the cool down time by 30% for two weeks.
Artifact Cooldown Speed: 2/15/2023 13:44:58

Level 62
And that is the only way to speed up artifact cooldown, albeit limited to 2 weeks per CW season reward. No artifacts, no advancements, no special money only buyable upgrades, no Techs. Just this CW reward.

You can also use TW powers or the TW artifact to reduce artifact cooldown time, but it's not really adjusting the 'speed' per se, rather just fast forwarding time, and these are 1-time use effects per power use/artifact invocation.

I use the TW arti frequently to reduce the cooldown of IM. Both @ insane, so use IM, then TW, brings the 16h cooldown to 8h, at the cost of having TW @ 16h, then 8h later use IM again, then 8h later TW is ready to fire up, bring IM down from 8h to 0h for use again, then they're both @ 16h for another spin.

On some levels, this works better with using QS or TS (or both if you have 4 slots) timed to the usage of IM, so you're bringing down the cooldown of 3 artis for the price of 1 TW 16h cooldown. So in a sense, getting 24h (8h for each of IM,TS,QS) cooldown reduction benefit for the price of 16h (TW).
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