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How does Quickmatch match players?: 1/6/2023 00:03:27

Doctor K 
Level 61
Here is a likely @fizzer question.

Is QM a random match with whoever is in the queue?
It appears so, at least for real time.
I am matched with players of all caliber.

How does it work, exactly?

Is it different for real-time and Multi-day?

Thank you.

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How does Quickmatch match players?: 1/6/2023 00:10:50

Level 63
QM works by trying to find an opponent for any of the templates you have selected that has about your rating.

To achieve this, it will initially start searching for a player with +/- X around current ratings. However, to make sure people are not stuck waiting for game, X slowly gets bigger as you wait in the queue longer.

This also means, that if a player with a much higher or much lower rating than you has been waiting for a game for some time, you can instantly get matched with them, since you are the first available opponent that falls within their rating +/- X.

After a match between players is found, QM will then check the maximum coin fee of all players, and set the game with that entry fee (for 99% of the games, this will be 0 coins, so a game without any coins at all).

EDIT: the above applies to RT games, idk how it works for MD games, but probably something similar, but just with X going up a lot slower

Edited 1/6/2023 00:35:02
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