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Serfs Up: 1/2/2023 23:10:12

Level 57
I really need help, I've tried a few times and I cannot seem to beat the level. The farthest I've gone was having killed the 2 weak AI's, but the third, most powerful AI, overpowered me to due to his tons of armies in territories, like the AI had a stack of 230 in one of his territories...

Any tips to beating this level? I gave up and beat the level after that, but idk what else to do.
Serfs Up: 1/2/2023 23:21:22

Level 63
I've not tried that level yet, since SP bores me, but I've done some googling and found a few things you could look at that will probalby help you out:

Video of a 21 turn game (gold star) with tips and tricks on how to beat the levels:
Key points that the video points out in its title screen:
1.   Dont allow your 2 main frontline enemies to get stopped at any turn, otherwise you will not reach AI-4 in time to stop them from diplo-ing you.
2.   You dont need the diplo cards, but it might help you save some armies you need to attack other AI's. Make sure you dont violate point 1.

A forum suggesting you dont use the diplo card at all:

Video of a 45 turn game (it exists, but this is probably not really good, since it should only take ~25 turns):

For what its worth, this is the level in question (for anyone looking at this later):
Serfs Up: 1/3/2023 04:53:29

Level 57
watched the video, got the inspiration, used my own strategy after turn 8, and won in 31 turns. that video helped.
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