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Grandfather Account Discussion: 8/14/2013 02:53:28

Level 54
I believe I was a bit confused when I first bought membership a few minutes ago , and checked that I still had not unlocked certain features. I do not recall anything about this , but I believe that my account was grandfathered , so in conclusion wouldn't me getting membership still include the fact I was grandfathered ? What I'm saying is , because I was grandfathered before membership , shouldn't I then count as a grandfathered member ?

- Nebuchadnezzar II
Grandfather Account Discussion: 8/14/2013 03:34:33

Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged
Level 38
Fizzer has stated that new members get different rights than grandfathered members. You are a new member. You get the new member rights and grandfathered non-member rights.
Pretty straightforward.
Grandfather Account Discussion: 8/14/2013 03:37:16

Master Miyagi • apex 
Level 59
You are grandfathered player not member as wowbagger said
Grandfather Account Discussion: 8/14/2013 03:46:02

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
Well that's BS
Grandfather Account Discussion: 8/14/2013 08:33:13

Level 58
There are 4 types of account. Non member, member, grandfathered member, grandfathered non member.

Non Member
Unlocks features though levels. Does not have accesses to member features.

Unlocks features though levels. Can unlock membership features as they level up, some features are unlocked on purchases, EG: Ladders.

Grandfathered Non Member
Anything that was available to them before V2 (EG: Certain maps)is still available to them. But new features need to be unlocked. Does not have accesses to membership features

Grandfathered Member
Has access to nearly all features as they get everything they had before V2. However new features and new membership features need to be unlocked though levelling.

Please Note
New features refers to features and maps created for and after V2. There is no way to unlock new membership features immediately. You have to work for them.
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