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Experiment complete: 12/26/2022 22:49:20

Level 60

This is a long read. Proceed with my gratitude.

This is my Warzone story. Perhaps a few of you may find something useful from it.


Earlier this year, midsummer, as usual, I returned from hibernation. Much to my surprise, I found many new things. New mods and templates. New people and new ideas. It seemed as though a wave of rejuvenation and exhileration washed over the community. Prior to that, I was a casual player. Content to be a single player, blissfully naive, unaffiliated, unknown. Despite all Warzone has to offer, I would pass it by. Much like you would pass by a parking lot full of beautiful cars you know are beyond your financial capabilities. You notice it, only wishing for a taste.

December '20, covid grabbed a hold of me. My immune system sent out a SEAL team and karate chopped and kung fu kicked the crapped out of the untimely and unwelcome invader. Regardless of my immuno crusadic victory, it didn't help an existing condition. Parkinson's with a side dish of nerve damage.

Future bleak, someone adjusted the brightness of the tunnel light to a dimmer setting. A long road to proper diagnosis and medication, often struggling to get out of bed in time to make it to the throne instead wearing it.

So, I asked, now what? Two choices: 1- Wilt and die? 2- Wake up to the Sun and stay in the game? I opted for choice two. As much as I can, I'll do what I can within my abilities til I return to the Aether.

The results.

I plateaued as a casual player. It was time to take the big leap. Now you're almost caught up. You may have read the link, that entering a ladder was to be nothing more than an experiment. That experiment has ended.

I was level 22 when I started. Joined in 2016 and for about five years, stagnated at level 10. Progressed to 22 and then back to hibernation. This year, beginning in August, I reached level 52 (from 22) in five weeks. From 52 to 56 (76.9%) took til now.

As I leveled up, matches with lower level players occurred less frequently. By contrast, as I leveled up, encountered higher level players more frequently.

I mean I dove right in. Joining ladder(s). Entering tournaments without having a clue what's going on. Blind immersion, I wanted to experience everything. Extremely little to no communication, you had to cut your teeth yourself. Learn as you go. Lose often, watch replays.

And then, I joined a clan, Prime. "Does joining a clan make you a better player?" < Remember that age old question? Answer? Well, if you avail yourself of knowledge relayed to you and apply it, then yes. But by itself, joining a clan does not make you a better player.

So, at the end of all of this, the question is, Am I a better player?
Answer,... I'm a better player that makes mistakes. Still learning, and hopefully, learn more.

Is your level indicative of your quality of performance? No. Your level is proof of seat time. There is no substitute for seat time. Your performance comes from within your ability to pay attention to settings, read a map, and depth of thought in deploying armies and issuing the proper sequence of orders. There are those that do this with repeatable high skill and miles of experience.

I did not put forth my best effort in playing, and still increased by 30 levels in five weeks. It's a number that looks nice, but it's not who you are.

On a scale of 1-10, (1 being the lowest) I give myself about 6. I'm not terrible, I'm not great. I still make rookie mistakes. QM with the clock running is a challenge, but that's how I got most of my points.

You can be a better player, that's entirely up to you. Warzone will push you to your limits. Highly skilled players cause baldness.

But, by all means have fun.

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Experiment complete: 12/27/2022 07:31:27

Level 58
my curiosity overcame me to read this experiments conclusions
now my sadness is absoulute at your condition.
godspeed soldier o7. show Covid how its done
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