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Imperator Rome: 12/4/2022 16:40:12

Level 55
Im debating on attempting to recreate the First Punic war with this map. But include all other factions also. Has anybody played a comprehensive game on the Imperator Rome map? And if so, can you drop a link so can get an idea of distribution?
Imperator Rome: 12/8/2022 17:09:24

Level 54
Maybe ask the map maker in a warzone mail?
Imperator Rome: 12/8/2022 18:06:55

Level 63

i've got this game, its a normal FFA and not a diplo, so idk how much use you can get from this

i suppose if not for you, it might still be useful for someone else
Imperator Rome: 12/8/2022 19:16:55

Level 60
I'm definitely looking forward to this one.

Map of the western Mediterranean Sea in 264 BC, focusing on the states involved in the First Punic War.

Posts 1 - 4 of 4