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Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/10/2014 20:57:01

Level 60
Hello everyone. I'd like to announce livestream on this Saturday (13 December) at 6 p.m. CET (around 10 a.m. west US time)
Topic will be Warlight 3.0 and coin games.

Slammy is the organizer of an event, I'll host the stream. We talked with Fizzer and he promised to join us and be interviewed! We have already some questions prepared, but we'd like to ask questions from the audience as well, so make sure to be there :)

Stream will be available on www.twitch.tv/latnox

P.S. Sorry everyone for technical problems we encountered last time. I've already identified and removed the reason, so it won't happen again.

P.S.2 here's timer:
although I don't know if it display time adjusted to your timezone.

Edited 12/10/2014 22:09:19
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/10/2014 21:29:19

Level 49
We should probably use this to reanimate the WP page for WL
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/11/2014 07:29:11

Level 50
You could ask for the possibility of coin tournaments, and why there can only be a few coin templates.
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/11/2014 09:21:17

Level 59
Ask him when he thinks the tournament system and invite lists will be overhauled.
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/11/2014 11:13:38

Level 60
can't make it this time
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/11/2014 15:12:57

Level 60
Moros - New templates and tournaments are good idea, so we'll defiantly ask about it :)

Can't say for sure about other topics unrelated, since we want to focus on coins subject mostly.
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/11/2014 15:19:49

Level 66
Ability to use custom/uneven entry fee in challanges.
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/11/2014 15:23:50

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
add teamgames in coins games
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/11/2014 16:50:30

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Allow players to buy "shares" in a clan... As a way to support the one who bought the clan and show dedication.... Use that to incorporate more power (or less) for clan managers...
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/11/2014 17:04:23

Level 54
ask him if its gonna rain on sunday
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/12/2014 06:46:55

Level 57
If it is possible to ask about future updates... Ask him if the game will be translated to other languages ...

I have seen it is one of the main complaints of the people that give low value to the app

P.D. maybe this topic has been discussed before, sorry if it is repeated
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/13/2014 16:59:53

Level 60
Ok, guys we're good to go, so go to


and stay tuned :)
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/13/2014 19:17:09

Level 60
For everyone, who couldn't been there with us, here's the recording:


For some reason, first 10 minuets are lost.
Also, since I messed up timer, Fizzer joined us after an hour, so if you find our initial comments boring, you can skip directly to interview with him in 50 min time :)

EDIT: Sorry, if your question wasn't asked. We've tried to cover most of the topics, but obviously we couldn't talk about everything :) There are still interesting topics we will ask about next time. Also try to be with us on livestream, so you can ask questions directly on a chat.

Edited 12/13/2014 23:56:09
Warlight 3.0 Livestream: 12/14/2014 04:07:44

[LN] Lion
Level 57
Some answers, ideas, and more questions:

  • Latnox asked about donating coins. Instead of donating coins, you could just buy the coins and not use them at all. Fizzer would get the money, and it would essentially be a donation.
  • On the question of Person A giving access of their account to Person B, and then Person B using the coins, it goes back to the age old clan manager rights problem. Don't give out passwords/manager rights unless you 100% trust someone.
  • Team Tournaments could have each person pay an initial fee of (this is just an example) 80 coins so each player would give 80 coins to join. To make it easier for players to just pay the fee for a full team, gifting coins to other players should be a feature. I think Fizzer may understand my idea here better than most others. The final payout should be 90% of the total initial deposits (thus giving Fizzer his usual 10% cut and if it's a 3 player team, 30% of the total to each team).
  • Slammy said that by creating alts you can only make around $2 an hour, that's not really true. If they do succeed in manipulating the system and creating the alts, the income is reasonably higher. Approximately anywhere from $10-$30/hr.
  • On the subject of teaming up with another player, that no longer leaves it as an FFA and shouldn't be allowed.
  • To what Fizzer said about Small-Earth: Players like Gnuffone are still much better than new players at small-Earth which sort of counters your belief of newbies actually playing with any coins apart from their initial free coins. Also, people will eventually no longer want to lose to Gnuffone and give him their money so he will have to find another supply, and the wolf finds the sheep in the small-Earth.
  • Why not revert the open tabs game to the original, and just make the newly introduced Coins tab have the Coin games?
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