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New Mods November 2022: 11/30/2022 13:20:29

Level 58
This is used to showcase all the mods that have been made this month. The Special Unit Update for modding came out this month, so expect a lot of related mods

INSS Bonuses! (Just_A_Dutchman)
It makes any map act like a INSS map, with one, very simple system:
If you control a territory in a bonus, you get partial income (which might be negative) for it. This income is calculated using the bonus value, the total amount of territories that are in the bonus and the total amount of territories you control in the bonus

An example:
Imagine a bonus with 6 territories, worth 3 armies if you completely control it. Depending on the amount of territories you control in that bonus, you get:
- for 1 territory: -2
- for 2 territories: -1
- for 3 territories: 0
- for 4 territories: 1
- for 5 territories: 2
- for 6 territories: 3

Priests (UnFairerOrb76)
This mod allows players to purchase a special unit called a priest. Whenever a priest unit attacks, armies killed by the priest (and armies that attack alongside) will instead convert to your side instead of dying, the percentage of converted armies is configurable.

This mod requires using the commerce gamemode. To purchase a priest unit, visit the commerce build menu and pay its cost. By default, you can only have three priests at any given time.
Example game:

Card Caches (UnFairerOrb76)
Card Caches will spawn around the map at the start of the game, claiming the territory it is on will give you pieces for one random card (cards that are enabled by host before hand).

Example game:

Update: Factions Mod (Just_A_Dutchman)
The biggest change is that players are now able to join multiple Factions (and game creators can set add a slot to multiple Factions in the configuration). (smaller changes are not listed)

The Diplomat(UnFairerOrb76)
this Special Unit's feature is in getting its function to activate! when the enemy kills it, it will enforce a diplo card between both players.
Example game:

The Capitalist(UnFairerOrb76)
This Special Unit is similar to the diplomat, however it reduces the enemies income

Swap Territories V2 (DanWL)
This mod is like Swap Territories however territories with structures (such as cities) are not swapped and the chance of territories swapping is decided for each territory instead of at the start of the turn for a fixed number of territories. And all player-owned territories have a chance of swapping.
Example Game:

number of mods published this month: 6 (7 if u count the factions update)

Edited 11/30/2022 14:45:24
New Mods November 2022: 11/30/2022 18:56:09

Level 60
Keep up the work guys! :)
New Mods November 2022: 11/30/2022 19:21:54

Level 58
New Mods November 2022: 12/1/2022 10:10:12

Level 58
forgot to add the modding discord link: https://discord.gg/hqGkVXagyt
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