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Weird drafting, part 2: 11/29/2022 02:04:56

Level 44
Referencing a closed thread - https://www.warzone.com/Forum/648993-weird-drafting-end-maps

Previously: If I stay away for a while, like 8h, I get a larger draft size. After that, if I continually get the drafts as soon as they become available, I get a constant amount (not considering mercs or caches). That is what I consider normal behavior and it generally works early in the maps.
When I get mid to late in a map, though, my draft sizes tend to stay the same whether my last draft was six minutes or two hours ago.
An 8h gap still raises more armies.

Last time around you guys kindly tried to help, but I did not have enough information to provide you. Since then I got the stats upgrade.

Map: Hardened Old Town
Draft size after 125 minutes away: 45M
Draft size after 6 more minutes: 45M

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