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Slight change to gift armies 2 mod: 2022-11-19 23:20:20

Yamada Sergata 
Level 52
i was planning on creating a whole new mod for this small addition but instead first decided to ask yall. i would like to request an add on to the gift armies 2 mod where gifting has the same visiablity hierarchy as move orders in fog.

in light fog it would show someone gifted (an unknown amount of armies) to X player in the order panel.
while in no fog it would show the amount, looking at the source code i dont believe this would be to difficult to impliment.

my lack of knowledge in the lua programming lanugrage (am provicent in C++ and C#) may be preventing me from seeing something very clear. if someone doesn't dont have time to impliment this, could you lead me in the right direction for how to properly access order hirarchy and what functions i should be looking for

thank you ahead of time
Slight change to gift armies 2 mod: 2022-11-19 23:48:07

Level 63
The mod is made by Fizzer, so perhaps the easiest way would be to contact him and ask him to update his mod?

Otherwise, maybe create a pull request on the mod's github page https://github.com/FizzerWL/ExampleMods/blob/master/GiftArmies2Mod and present some code there?
Fizzer will probably accept the pr without asking too much fuss.

Should you decide to do this yourself, what you are looking for is described on https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Mod_API_Reference:GameOrderEvent, with the visibleToOpt parameter of the function.
For light fog, you probably have to combine this with GameOrderCustom to create seperate messages for the players that are allowed to know the numbers, and seperate messages for those that should only see that something was gifted.

I recommend you join the mod makers discord (https://discord.gg/5gs9JhyT), since all active mod makers are on there. Discord is also better suited for talking about code than WZ forums.
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