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CivLight RoadMap (with pics!)+ hopes/dreams (AMA): 11/11/2022 10:11:44

Level 58
Hello all. Upon reading CivLight will be close to completion and will be entering internal Multiplayer testing. This is the biggest Mod i have done to date and I have plans to update in the future so im hoping to go through CivLightV1 to V3 today. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask!

CivLightV1: the nearly completed version
I work in pieces, so nearly every mod ive planned and released will end up in CivLight at some point or another. for V1 of CivLight the features I will be including is:

  • Expansion+ mod: allows the player to slowly claim territories that border there own
  • Villages: these will spawn around the map as idle merc camps, claiming one will also give u every territory that is connected to it.
  • Army Caches: idle army caches will spawn around the map, claim to get free income next turn
  • Card Caches: Idle resource caches will spawn around the map, each holds a random card (only cards that are enabled for the game) and gives card pieces corresponding to it
  • Extra features: Atm the only extra feature is the ability to attack neutrals or not. if this is unchecked then you will have to rely on Expansion+ as well as the other mods in this modpack to gain territories

Here is some pics from the mod UI for creating from the perspective of the game creator for ease of creation
First thing the game creator will see:

Example of when you click the Expansion+ button

Example of when u click the Misc Button

CivLight2: this will be focused on overhauling the Village mod, aka when u claim a village you will get a notification to "transform" the village, some options could be: a church, bank, embassy, these will have there own special unit that generates with the structure and will do different things, aka a diplomat when killed will play a diplo card between players. (this will be better when custom structures comes out)

Watchtowers: idk when or where this is going to do but the idea is: wherever the structure it is placed, it will reveal the fog either in the bonus (for overlapping bonuses it will pick the biggest one) or in a certain radius around in (needs fizzer to invent variable fog levels)

Civlight3: not sure atm, this was supposed to be a UI overhall but i managed to do it in V1, prob some minor updates/QoL with some misc features, hopefully get watchtower in here by now, importing relevant mods from other creators (with permission ofc)

stupid dreams
tech tree :)
CivLight RoadMap (with pics!)+ hopes/dreams (AMA): 11/11/2022 16:49:18

Level 63
hmm nice UI

i wonder if monkey is a number =p
CivLight RoadMap (with pics!)+ hopes/dreams (AMA): 11/14/2022 13:20:05

Level 58
after bug fixing an insane amount, ive finally moved into multiplayer testing :)
CivLight RoadMap (with pics!)+ hopes/dreams (AMA): 11/16/2022 15:35:16

Level 58
If anyone is interested about CivLight i have a current ongoing test game if u want to see it (it is light fog):
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