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Women of Warlight Unite!: 8/29/2010 04:25:16

The Mighty Sandwich
Level 9
It came across in the random banter of a game today that nobody knows the true number of women on Warlight. I would like to find this out. Just comment on this if you are a female. Also, I would like to point out that (Sort of including me) almost all of the women I've played with are very good players. Just sayin'.
Women of Warlight Unite!: 8/29/2010 07:55:58

Level 55
call me sexist (although i call myself a realist) but what ive noticed in real life and in warlite is that men are generally either really good or really bad while women are generally average. and ive also noticed that men curse more and troll more and women take this more casually which is good.
Women of Warlight Unite!: 8/29/2010 10:39:09

The Impaller 
Level 9
Sexist Pig!

Actually I've found what you said to be mostly true in any of the repertoire of games I've played casually or competitively. I've found that men tend to play games for the competition and strategy aspects and thus tend to be more cutthroat and "win at all costs" kind of players, while women tend to play more to enjoy the process and for the social aspects, and thus usually take it a lot less seriously. Women have the skill to be the top players, but in a lot of games, to be the best you have to do things like exploit every little aspect of the game and do things that might be considered not very fun in order to improve your chances of winning, and most women would rather not do those things because it sucks a lot of the enjoyment out of the game. Also, a lot of games--especially online ones--tend to be heavily male dominated (like 85% + of players are male) so by sheer numbers alone you're going to see most of the top players be male simply based on representation.

Obviously this isn't always the case, but in general I've found it to be mostly true.

I think the neat thing about Warlight is that there aren't really any ways to exploit the game, so you can play the best game and not suck enjoyment out of it at the same time. And yes, I've found that the majority of women I've played on this site tend to be good players.
Women of Warlight Unite!: 8/29/2010 22:15:04

Level 16
I know the exact number of women in Warlight. It's zero. That's right, zero, zip, zilch, nada, none. There are no women in Warlight. Anyone that says otherwise is obviously a liar and should be disregarded/ignored when speaking such nonsense. Don't bother challenging this basic Warlight truth. It is undisputable.
Women of Warlight Unite!: 8/30/2010 00:04:06

Level 58

Warzone Creator
When I was building the game, I thought the competitive games would likely be male dominated. Then Gaia came along (the first female WarLight player), and I still haven't beaten her in a 1v1!
Women of Warlight Unite!: 9/28/2010 23:34:49

Level 45
Im with Impally. BTw, i think I am quite a girlish player, and proud of it!

Go female players!
Women of Warlight Unite!: 10/7/2010 06:41:19

Level 8
I am female, but my Warlight name suggests otherwise. Since I changed my name I get more respect, but also keep getting called 'dude' or 'guy' etc. Why should there not be female players ... I have been playing risk ever since I was 7 years old (a long time ago).
Women of Warlight Unite!: 10/7/2010 12:19:22

Level 44
there are no girls on the internet.

masculine titles tend to be more generic, and thus used more, but in truth, there are no boys on the internet either.

You are all merely user names with various skills.

Until proven otherwise on a case by case basis.
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