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Feature request for War Zone Idle: 10/5/2022 23:31:29

Level 29
It would be nice to have a way to turn off the troop count on a map. I am playing United States and the counties around NYC are obscured by the troop count. Expanding the map unfortunately expands the text so, while I can see the counties by using the connections link from adjacent counties, it is still hard to select some of them (ie. Richmond Co.) to insure I collect the JS bonus. All the counties in NYC have similar troop counts and become active nearly simultaneously, so being able to see the counties clearly is critical. Or, perhaps, the map can be redone to expand NYC in an expansion box as is done on several other maps.
Feature request for War Zone Idle: 11/1/2022 13:11:12

Level 58
map to be redone - the map is created by the community so u would need to search out the community member

modding wise - we are unable to influence idle in any way with modding so this is impossible from that standpoint
Posts 1 - 2 of 2