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Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/19/2022 19:28:27

Samurai Jack 
Level 55
Hello all fellow Idlers :)

Looking to make a video with tips for new idle players (such as myself) to better provide a good quickstart for players.
Would anyone be willing to collab or even just provide some good starting tips?

Things I'm thinking of:
What to save up and purchase for upgrades first
Common mistakes first-time Idlers make
Location priority over others

I'm sure there is lots more and I would like to perhaps do something similar to the How to play Warzone video series I did for a VERY basic intro to the game: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqlNiRE6sfVBKmJmIL_FnZxG1w32iN1TH

Any and all advice is welcome!

Thanks again,

Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/19/2022 19:30:42

Level 62
My DMs are open :-)
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/19/2022 19:33:56

Level 62
Don't put AP into ore mining.
For the rest, it all speeds up one way or the other, and is up to your preferences.
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/19/2022 19:37:16

Level 63
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/19/2022 19:52:29

Level 60
Cool idea Jack, I had to figure things out on my own when I started and with lots of help from GC but I'm sure it would have sped things up to learn some of the basics earlier on.

So much to say, where to begin:
avoid ore bonus's (mentioned already)
Joint Strike
IAlloy value
Add Mercs
Merc Disc
some IACP
stats are nice
no need for crafting speed/ Item Value anymore (usurped by the cheaper and better ROI alloy value)

then lots more later as you progress of course.

and better to use your powers earlier than later (like once you're more powerful and don't need them as much), you get faster AP that way when you need it the most. Also might as well avoid getting the tech achievements on your first run through (like I did) as its very slow and tedious, do it later when its much faster (like after year 1 or something).

There are several folks who have WZI down to a science more than I who I'm sure would have lots to say about it. The linked Idle guide is a great place to start.

AV and TW are your 2 main juicy artifacts you want to bump up, a moderate SAC is key as well for requests as well as some standard passives like ACB, BMB, TMB to leave equipped.
Good luck and God speed!
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/20/2022 03:55:06

Level 56
Common mistake: Using Multi Level powers too early. Most powers are easily replenished, but not Multi Level powers. They are valuable. Save them for the later high-AP levels.

For more ideas you can find previous tips threads here: https://www.google.com/search?q=tips+site%3Awarzone.com%2FForum
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/20/2022 12:57:59

Level 25
I would be open to add some things / comment on some "theories". I think I have a good understanding of most of the things. But before you tackle this project you should make sure which direction this guide should go. Because the right approach to idle can depend on your personal goals or your way of playing a lot, way more than this would be true for WZC. And there are only very few golden rules that apply either way.

It's an idle game, so some might only log into it a few times a day, others try to speed run each level.
Or speed run whole super-ascensions. Other might not want to super-ascend at all, or don't know yet.
Some might want to collect everything (artifacts, powers, advancements, ...), others will act more strategically and spend/sacrifize stuff in favor of other benefits.
There are only a few competitive aspects in idle, but it would still be relevant whether they (a) play in a clan, (b) play arenas, (c) want to play WZIB.

For WZC you have the choice of playing single player maps or multi player matches, but they are essentially very similar. WZI is way more diverse from the get-go. Perhaps a guide should primarily try to help new players find out WHY they play idle, then to provide advice that doesn't apply to them. Because a good chunk of threads in this forum for example won't REALLY apply to new players that much because they won't have access to some prerequisites for these strategies yet.

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Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/21/2022 11:21:44

Level 50
Given the original poster's ask for early game strategies, this is what I found was helpful as I am approaching the mid game stage

Relics (Please note this is my personal suggestions for a new to idle starting player)

Early on (until the player has accrued AP to unlock the specific bonuses mentioned by Gunk), the Army Camp boost and Idle Time relics will be an early gamer's best support (unless the player intends to check in every 2 hours or less on the game assuming they don't spend their AP on extra idle time). It is helpful (again until the player has accrued AP bonuses to replace them) to upgrade them to rare (but not further as alloy values, time warp, triple strike or and a couple other power house relics like Army Cache will be a player's long term bread and butter).

Higher grade relics also means you can hold off on investing AP into that respective upgrades in pursuit of the upgrade you really want, however relics require coins or a lot of time in digging.

Other helpful relics worth upgrading to uncommon which can be helpful in specific situations are mine boost, discount mine and discount army camp (passive), speedy crafter and smelt double. Tech Discount is worth upgrading to rare or higher (I actually plan to upgrade tech discount to epic eventually) for players going for unlock all tech achievements. Relics that require activation in my opinion (at this stage) aren't worth the cooldown since they can't be de-equipped once used (as I found out the hard way when I attempted to use fog buster (and a poor grade at that).

Load out (Active)
When I have the game running in the background, I usually run mine boost or speedy crafter, smelt double and Army Camp boost. During the time I check progression, I switch mine boost/speedy crafter for tech discount if I can unlock a tech (the extra resources can be sold for cash if needed). If you have the ore boosts from completing specific idle levels in the time limit given, you can disregard mine boost entirely

Load Out (if I'm out for the night/away for the day)
I run smelt double, idle time and army camp boost. the extra 80 minutes (rare version of idle time relic) means I can finish the level sooner.

Strategy (Level Progression)
If you have a fog buster power when starting the level, I usually use one or two (3 in bigger levels like far land that require about a week to clear) so I can go straight for army camps, smelters, mines and hospitals since those are your most valuable tiles for completing the level asap.

Prioritize completing the tech tree. It really makes a super helpful difference early and mid game, especially the draft which awards extra army (basically your army income in 5 minutes or the amount of idle time that has elapsed since you last collected)

I tend to only use powers only when I'm full or I'm trying to get a specific territory/bonus.

Multi-level (I am going to disagree on conserving multi-levels). Yes multi-level is by far the most valuable power. But at this stage, since the goal is to get relics and AP to progress, I would advise to use the skip level power (just one) and then use multi-level so you can get AP from the map you are playing and the map following it. Once you unlock phase 2 upgrades (especially if you are going for AP efficiency, I do agree with Rithgrief's advice on hold off on using multi-level at least until the extra AP upgrade is maxed)

Draft awards whatever armies you earned since you last collected (and is collectible every 5 minutes). This is affected by army caches and purchasing mercenaries which can provide a nice boost to getting extra armies to help finish the level sooner.

Mortars seem great, but they aren't worth the time and money (unless you completed the tech tree and have excess money from selling the resources produced, but I would still use that on dig sites/mercenaries to finish the level and reap the rewards)
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/21/2022 17:39:03

Level 60
If the tips are intended for new idlers (<3 weeks of play), I would assume, that they better focus on more simple stuff to avoid common mistakes. Something like:

- This game is a more brutal that most other idle games. Unlike other idle games, because of a limited AP pool, with poor decisions you can really slow your progress or get suck, so it is better to read guides or ask people.
- Digs are renewable, no need to sit on a level to get all digs.
- Powers are collected only twice ever, and after that are not renewable. If not collected, powers do not go to waste, you will be able to get them the next time, when you play the level.

- For the first month of play (it is easier just to follow some simple rules, untill you get a good understanding of what's goin on, wich might come for guide and playing 20+ levels):
--- Dont use skip level and multilevel powers
--- Dont try hardened levels
--- There are ascencions, super-ascencions, dont bother about them for now
--- There are challenges and idle battles dont bother about them untill Phase 2 of advancements
--- Do not repeat levels with -30% AP penaly
--- Dont waste money/coins on buying powers, artifacts or 30% AP boost, if you want to invest in the game or support the creator buy a supercamp (saves ~30 minues per level) or membership (provides non-idle benefits)

- There are guides for the game:
--- outdated but still working for <1 month players guides by Parsifal
--- more recent guide by Jz, which focuses on more complex stuff
--- maps by Muli
--- the monstorous datasheet (which JK linked earlier) for all levels for advanced players

- There is global chat with people, who can help
- Get into a clan to utilize idle requests mechanic. Most clans tolerate idle requests and filling the requests is in no way a burden for other players.
- Additional ways to get benefits for idle: the ad bonus, the Door, the Wheel, the CW
- Good phase 1 advancements (for other phases, consult guides): Army camps, Joint Strike, Additional Mercenaries, Increased Idle Time, Statistics

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Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/21/2022 22:21:59

Level 63
thats a great summary for starting idle players 5S!
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/22/2022 15:14:19

Samurai Jack 
Level 55
Wow! what a great response from all of you!

I agree JK, I think this is a great summary from FiveSmith for the new players I am thinking of, but all of this information and links are great.

Plan is to start soon so once I have a starting topic, I will make sure to reach out to you all.

Will keep you posted!

Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/23/2022 10:07:27

Level 29
- Additional ways to get benefits for idle: the ad bonus, the Door, the Wheel, the CW

I found this posted above, could anyone explain the three except the door one (i assume its the daily bonus) ? Im struggling to find these options
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/23/2022 12:49:32

Level 25
Doors (just to recap) is the daily log in bonus you get. Always powers.

The Wheel is similar to the Doors that you can earn one time benefits about each day (or evey other day? I'm not totally sure) but to be able to spin the wheel you have to participate in WZC multi-player games.

CW is Clan Wars: Given you are part of a clan and your clan participates in the Clan Wars seasons, all clan members will get some benefits at the end of each season. This can be one time benefits (powers, caches, ...) or ongoing benefits for some amount of time (time reductions for specific processes, WZIB protection, etc).

If you only play WZI, you usually only get the Doors. Otherwise, if you are in a clan but don't play WZC you can also have the CW benefits, but with only playing WZI it's hard to give back anything to the clan, so some clans won't tolerate you if you don't play WZC at least from time to time.

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Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/23/2022 12:52:38

Level 60
Wheel is mobile btw
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/23/2022 16:28:38

Level 60
I found this posted above, could anyone explain the three except the door one (i assume its the daily bonus) ? Im struggling to find these options

- "the ad bonus" - (mobile only) every four hours you can watch an ad to get a 4 hour 20-30% boost to army camps, mines, smelters or crafters. It is available by an icon of film in top right corner (where the doot appears)
- "the door" - daily bonus with 3 door, which grants powers, The powers cant stack more that 5 each. The door icon apear in the top-right corner.
- "the wheel" - (mobile only) every 20 hours, you can win a Warzone classic game and watch an ad, to "spin the wheel" for a few coins+power. The powers collected that way may stack more than 5. The ability to spin the wheel implements a 2-charge system, so it may seem that you spin the wheels more often that every 20 hours. One of the easy way to get the game wins is paritipating in games on "duel lotto" template, either via quickmatch, or within open games. The icon may appear in the top-right corner, but it is more convenient to go to settings and under "Notofocations" you can see the "Can spin wheel" status, which describes where you are with this mechanic.
- "the CW" - are the clan wars. Participating in clan wars gives coins+powers+artifacts+good buffs. This page is the central hub for clan wars (check the rules and the rewards): https://www.warzone.com/Clans/War

Also some additional stuff, which new players commonly do mistakes:

- If you play on multiple platforms simultaneouslt be sure to sync the data, so that you will not lose any progress. On mobile there is a button "Sync" in the dropdown menu in top-right corner, in webbrower you can go back and forth to level map.
- The mobile apps may lag behind with updating to new features. The main WZ is generally okay, but the specified WZ Idle app is at 5.17. This does not really impact anything during the first month of play though.
- In WZ main app, you can select in settings what do you want as your first app screen after the app is opened. You may choose "idle"
- Be sure to register a proper account within Warzone, so that if something happens with your device or app, you can always reclaim the account and get all the game progress.
Beginner Tips for New Idle Players: 9/23/2022 17:55:45

Level 25
in browsers you can fore a sync as well. There is not button though, but by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + G you can start a manuall sync. Unfortunately, you don't get any visual feedback when the sync has completed. Just wait a few seconds, then close the dialog and log out of the game / close the idle tab.
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