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Like the 'ol days: 9/18/2022 19:17:15

Level 60
I've pondered posting this for a while.

This is for both young and old alike.

Many moons ago, the trifecta of table top battle was Risk:TGoGD, Stratego, and Battleship.

I thought to myself, *What would a Fizzer Stratego and Battleship look like?*

Fizzer, get to work buddy.
Like the 'ol days: 9/18/2022 19:18:57

Level 62
playing those games on warzone maps would be fun, get on it Mod makers!
Like the 'ol days: 9/18/2022 19:24:20

Level 59
"Keith's Wacky Waterways" has a Battleship board in the southeast. Though the ship locations are static.

I'd assume the only correct way to play a Stratego variant here is a 1 v 1 on a grid-based map under complete fog.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3