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New achievement ideas: 7/31/2013 09:56:46

Level 50
Since the new update, achievements have been added to the game. Use this thread for posting ideas for new ones.
They don't have to be not abusable (poor grammar), as I have already seen quite a few army-based achievements that can be easily achieved using a custom scenario.

- Diplomat achievement: have private message contact with five or more players in a single game.
- Should have read the settings achievement: use a negative sanction card on someone not from your team.
- Ballooning achievement: double your income in a single turn, not by the aid of negative sanction cards, while while starting with at least 3 bonuses.
- Airforce achievement: use 5 airlift cards in a single game.
- Leveling achievement: level up at least 5 levels in a single day.
- Hardcore achievement: play a realtime game that lasts at least two hours.

Other ideas are welcome!
New achievement ideas: 7/31/2013 11:41:33

Level 60
-Long Battle achievement: Have a match last longer than 50 turns (maybe let this only be on 1v1 strat med)
-Gonna play them all: Play every map on WL at least once
-Good Builder: Make a map with a rating of 4.00 and at least 20 votes (can also be 3.5 orso)
-Mega Conquerer: control 750 territories (or 1000 or 500 whatever is the best)
-Need some help: Check the WarLight Wiki (secret achievement or something :p Else it is to easy)
-Double Trouble: Play in two RT games at the same time
-Running through: Win a Multi-Attack game
-The Underdog Position: Beat a player with 20% higher winrate on 1v1 (enemy player must have at least 500 games)
New achievement ideas: 7/31/2013 18:04:06

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
I doubt gonna play them all will be a fun achievement. Also the last one would force someone with a 81% winrate to lose a lot of games to even get that achievement.

Moros' leveling achievement has a flaw too. If you are level 20 and still don't have that one it would be exponentially harder to get the achievement then if you were level 2.

Nitpicking is fun :)
New achievement ideas: 7/31/2013 18:10:19

Level 60
I also have an idea: instead of giving achievements for winning 10 games, then 100 games, then I guess 1000 games, make different tiers of achievements: bronze, silver, gold, whatever.
New achievement ideas: 8/3/2013 14:28:14

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
The Big Richard: (-1000)
Satisfy the following:
1) Be on 100 people's blacklist.
2) Play a team game where:
2a) The opposing side loses someone at turn one.
2b) You won't Vote to End when everyone else has.

The Bigger Richard: (-2000)
Booting someone under the following conditions-
1) Minimum 10 turns played,
2) You're obviously losing,
3) Its the first time the booted player has gone over time limit
4) The booted player chats, "Please wait" in the previous turn
5) You boot within 5 seconds after boot time expires.

The Biggest Richard: (-3000)
Satisfy the following
1) Obviously losing
2) All of your teammates have surrendered
3) Taunt the winning team in chat
4) Commit 10 turns in a row with less than 2% of the boot time remaining.

The King Richard Cranium: (-10000 pts)
Have any variation of ELITE in your name (RELITE counts too)
New achievement ideas: 8/3/2013 19:41:14

Level 48
I think the way the achievements are set-up is a good way to motivate(newer) players to try out certain things, for example, there is already an airlift-achievement but it requires you too defend an attack with it, figuring this out and getting this achievement improves the player's understanding of the game(-mechanics) while compared to moros airlift-achievement they would only learn how to use a card without actually having to use it well.
(sorry Moros, i just needed an example, and btw i 'm a full supporter of the Should have read the settings-achievement xD )

army-based achievements that can be easily achieved using a custom scenario.

Custom scenarios aren't ranked so they do not count.
Though for abovementioned reasons i agree that being abusable isn't a big deal,
if players insist on screwing themselves let them.

-Double Trouble: Play in two RT games at the same time

They would have to require wins though, else this one would be easy to gain.
(Don't count # of games playing, but # of games winning, so playing 3 and winning 2 would count as 2)
maybe making a few of these for different boot-times(and possibly # of wins)

-Running through: Win a Multi-Attack game

I would make it "break at least X(6?) (non-overlapping, or on 6 different territories) bonuses with a single stack."

instead of giving achievements for winning 10 games, then 100 games, then I guess 1000 games, make different tiers of achievements: bronze, silver, gold, whatever.

There are only a few achievements that can be divided into 3 tiers,
plus, we already have trophies which seem to be golden.
Though i wouldn't mind a silver-tier in-between that require some real skill to gain.
(for example my killer-suggestion)

Nitpicking is fun :)

True, it does consume quite some time though :P

Darnit, now i should make a few as well.
- Not gonna back down:Win a team-game where your team-mates have already surrendered/been eliminated
- apprentice Defender:Use all your income to defend all the spots that are being attacked that turn, which must be at least 3 territories.
- master defender:Move two stacks onto two territories that are both attacked but not taken in the same turn, opponent has to lose more armies in total on those attacks then you.
- Killer:Win a 4-or more-FFA in which you eliminate every opponent by yourself.
(this one could have different levels for different amounts of players)
- Foreseeër:Use a diplomacy card on an opponent while there are at least 4 teams still active(so FFA maybe in teams and at least 3 enemy teams have not yet been eliminated) on the same turn he is moving his stacks from behind his border-territories with you onto those territories.(plus some requirement about fog)
New achievement ideas: 8/4/2013 09:44:00

Level 54
- This is madness ! : Get eliminated the turn after a Diplomacy card ends .
( 1200 + )
- This. Is. Sparta! : Have a stack of 300 armies survive an attack of 1000 attacking armies.
( 300 + )
- Armageddon : Have exactly 2012 armies spread across the map.
( 400 + )
- KHAAAAAAAN ! : Have the lowest income in a game then the highest in a span of 2 turns.
( 2000 + )
- Nostadamus : Everyone eliminates themselves on the same turn in a game.
( 900 + )
- Law & Order : Play a reinforcement card and put the reinforcements into a single territory , then abandon the territory and have over 100 attacking armies destroyed trying to take it.
( 1400 + )
- Braveheart : In Strategic 1 v 1 , your opponent has over 3 times your income at one point , then you proceed to win the game .
( 3500 + )
New achievement ideas: 8/4/2013 12:50:50

Level 51
Fizzer said before that he didn't want to make an achievement for map making, but I still think there should be one. It could even be a trophy.

I think there should be one map featured every month on the 'featured maps' page. If your map gets featured, then you get a trophy. This wouldn't lead to extra maps being made, and it would be rather rare at only 12 per year.

The people that make really good maps deserve a bit of recognition from time to time.
New achievement ideas: 8/4/2013 13:03:53

Level 60
I think there should be something for mapmaking, but not like "you made a map" but more like (as I already said) get a rating of 4.00 with 50 votes or something. If you have 4.00 or higher your maps are just great.
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