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Autoclaim Idle Rewards: 9/13/2022 20:37:29

Glory to Czechland
Level 55
I am playing Clan Wars with Myth Busters, but when I visit the Clan Wars page, the game sometimes pops a window about Idle rewards. That is very annoying. Like cookies. Could you make the rewards be collected automatically, please? Either in-game or by a userscript.
Autoclaim Idle Rewards: 9/13/2022 22:40:42

Level 60
While this may be a good option, it definitely should not be enabled by default.
An important part of idle strategy optimization is to delay claiming idle rewards untill they might bring the maximum use.
Autoclaim Idle Rewards: 9/15/2022 01:53:21

Level 65
For people like me who will never use idle rewards anways, it would indeed be an annoyingness-reducing feature...
Autoclaim Idle Rewards: 9/15/2022 02:30:05

Level 49
But for other people not being able to claim clam rewards at the right time would be very annoying, but I guess we could just fornicate themselves.

An option to auto collect sure, an option to turn off collection, sure, but don't lump us in with the rest of ye.

I'd hazard most people play for the idle rewards thus the SEAD is all you NEAD, and if you are OCD enough to play clam wars for the rewards you probably prefer the option to collect them at the best time.

Or... just collect them when they come down, over the course of a season it doesn't happen that often. Jeez Louise, it's not like having cancer or going to a Justin beiber concert. Just collect them, one click badda boom badda bing forgetaboutit
Autoclaim Idle Rewards: 9/26/2022 13:19:43

Level 58
I was thinking similarly, but I thought a little click don't show this again box would be better. If someone later decides to play idle the rewards will be waiting and the more hardcore idle can choose when they want the rewards.
Autoclaim Idle Rewards: 9/26/2022 13:35:36

Level 62
Don't confuse the pop-up with auto-claim.

Claim = activate the reward, lasts for 2 weeks, this must be left to the player to control

Reward collection pop-up = comes up every time you look at the map; no reason for this to auto-pop up every single time; add a button to show the rewards for the current season

Agree, it's annoying, b/c 99% of the time even for Idlers, you just want the map not the rewards; and it's 100% of the time for us non-Idlers, just a nuisance
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