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Defeat all levels thrice achievement: 9/4/2022 08:49:44

Level 61
I think I almost did almost all the levels thrice, so I think that would be an easy one to grab.

But ... is there a way to actually see which maps are missing???

I am confused with the Level Stats overview (have Statistics advancement maxed):
The second number, Times won, seem to exactly match with my current ascension run.
But the first number, Times played, seems to be quite arbitrary?

Final earth: played 7 ? I am on my 5th run and I am sure I never played the map twice per ascension. Does this number maybe also include times when I might have opened the map without finishing?

Same for (normal) Trisk - I never played it but it has "Times played: 1".

So is there a way to know which levels I am missing for having 3 for each?

Edited 9/4/2022 09:29:57
Defeat all levels thrice achievement: 9/4/2022 17:33:21

Level 63
The counters are all over the place, and I haven't found one that accurately keeps track of how many times you've beaten a level.

I'm afraid you will just have to try to remember and replay the levels you are not sure about.
Defeat all levels thrice achievement: 9/4/2022 23:39:37

Chief Rollie 
Level 61
Does this achievement count the hardened and new levels as well?
Defeat all levels thrice achievement: 9/4/2022 23:42:38

Level 62
it does not count hardened and superascension levels.

also, you just have to go by times played, is fairly accurate unless you start and abort levels.
Defeat all levels thrice achievement: 9/8/2022 14:00:25

Level 61
Thx to JK and TR! Luckily, I have my big excel where I should be able to reproduce that numbers. Hopefully ;)

Advice for all beginners:

Start to document everything right from the beginning!

Which artifacts did you gain when?
Where are all those big territories, merc camps, markets, ...?
When did you finish which map and what AP did you earn?
In which order did you buy the advancements and how did it help you?
Which powers did you claim from which map?

Just everything.

This game is about doing all the same things over and over and over again and keeping track of every piece of detail will help you to optimize.
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