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Remnants: 9/2/2022 14:21:11

Level 46
It feels... empty here.
This place used to be so full of people. People that became friends.
Yet each passing day, my friends keep dying. And we have to watch them die.
I'm not okay. Could I have saved them? Could we have all survived?

Every single day...
13 people left.
...I hoped that we'd all make it out alive.
10 people left.
...That we wouldn't have to watch everyone else die.
7 people left.
I guess I was wrong.
4 people left.
...So this is the finale...
Can we make it out alive?

(How do I stop shitposting stories?)

Edited 9/3/2022 13:13:11
Remnants: 9/2/2022 15:45:29

Level 63
start writing a book and you wont have so much overflow :p
Remnants: 9/2/2022 16:55:52

Level 58
Everyday I see his face

*picture of Grover looms menacingly*
Remnants: 9/8/2022 10:14:56

Level 38
And their killer died too
***picture of alien trapping grover looms menacingly***
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