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undo button?: 8/23/2022 15:25:32

Level 62
would it be possible to have an undo action in idle? one time I forgot to put the hospital boost card in when I really should have (using a triple strike vs a huge stack). when not playing vs opponents (so not in battle mode) having "undo" seems like it wouldn't be a big problem.
undo button?: 8/24/2022 13:08:03

Level 60
It sucks when you misclick, especially when you accidentally spend coins. We’ve all done it and I do feel your frustration and empathize.

I don’t think this will ever exist because it can be used for scouting. You can effectively increase your vision to a range of 2 by poking in a direction you want to explore and then undoing.

There are some edge cases like abandoning dig sites which can’t be cheesed but I imagine this is (rightfully?) a lower priority on the dev map.

One idea which has been mentioned before is the concept of a “conquer mode” where ‘on’ would behave like the current system and ‘off’ would require confirmations on each capture.
undo button?: 8/24/2022 13:54:34

Level 62
Conquer Mode would be a great and needed addition. Would help reduce fat finger errors & actual usability/playability of the game.

'Undo' is just not gonna happen, as you said, it could be abused. At best it would be limited to some # of uses per day, and maybe even would be an Advancement ... or would just be like 'Reset AP' where it's always available but costs coins to do.

But if you think about it, there's no easy way to do it. I'm pretty sure that the Idle save points save only the current state of everything, not how you got to that point. So once you (for example) swap in/out some artifacts, use 1 SP SAC + 2x regular SAC powers (total 1hr) on a single army camp, buy some mercs & capture a territory using TS, all the game knows is that you have 20x generation on a single army camp for 1 hr but not whether you used powers or an a Rare artifact, that you have some # of armies left & 1 more territory is captured but not whether you captured it normally or with TS/QS, whether HB or FH were in play, etc.

So it's quite a big ask to have an 'Undo' of any sort beyond going back to the last save point itself, which is potentially too big an Undo, b/c it could be hundreds of actions, not just 1 or 2.

But let's say Undo is implemented, would you be willing to pay 25 coins per undo? 50 coins? I'm guessing at what the price would get set at. If AP reset costs 300, and the powers cost TW 100, SAC 50, SM 20, FC 50, MR 50, FB 40, IM 150, SL 200, ML 700 ... an Undo could cost anywhere from 10-100 coins, I'm guessing. Hard to gauge, b/c sometimes the costs like ML @ 700 & SL @ 200 & AP reset @ 300 are imho ridiculous, compared to the relatively more reasonable SAC, SM, FC (although arguably you need 5 to be truly meaningful, so effectively it becomes 250), FB (but again you probably need 5+ to be truly useful, so price is really 200+). IM is borderline but it's one of the truly most powerful if used wisely.
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