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Pumpkin: 8/23/2022 01:47:41

Level 46
"What the hell, Alex..."
"Hey, you signed up for this, James."
"I wasn't expecting to have wheelbarrow pumpkins up a steep slope..."
"Careful now, you might slip!"
...But it was too late.
James lost his footing, and he started rolling down the hill.
And so did the pumpkins.
"I'm coming, James!"
Thus they ended up with Alex trying to run down a slope trying to catch James, with pumpkins rolling all around them.
And then...
"Watch out! Pumpkins are about to hit the road!"
There was a jeepney that was traveling along the road.
The driver did not listen.
And as such the jeepney was knocked off the road by several high-speed pumpkins, the passengers covered in pumpkin.
"I'm okay, Alex. Just accidentally ate dirt."

(What happens when I get bored? This. If I have no ideas I'll bullshit one into existence.)
Pumpkin: 8/23/2022 12:11:19

Level 60
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