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Army Camp cost: 8/20/2022 23:51:31

Level 60
I really dont know if this really happens or it was my head:
i has almost all my army camps with an upgrade cost around 12M. i decided to upgrade one with a higher cost just to use the supercharge. After that upgrade, i think all my camps got their upgrade cost higher, around 40M.
This really happens or it was my head?
if this really happens, what caused it?
Army Camp cost: 8/25/2022 14:33:50

Level 63
Did you perhaps have the auto-upgrade-army-camps advancement enabled?

With the extra armies from the supercharged camp, you probably have captured a few money caches. And that money might have been spend upgrading the camps without you noticing it.

Edited 8/25/2022 14:33:58
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