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#CancelTheAdmins: 8/15/2022 16:26:23

Level 58
Today I was browsing through my usual pictures of butterflies and kittens when I decided to play my favourite game war zone.
In order to check up on how all my best buddies are doing I decided to hop onto the forums to say hello. But instead was greeted by a unique post titled:
“Sign up for a valid IELTS/TOEFL/PMP/TOEIC: (phone number)”

So naturally, as the trusting guy I was, I rang the number

2 hours have went past since, and I may now have 30 passports for different countries but it was not worth the cost of severe life debt and information that I am being hunted down by the KGB.

I am scared, confused and angry on how the admins have not yet picked up on this situation and demand fizzer kicks (no ban!) all of them for this gross incompetence as well as a formal apology from the man himself (a couple grand on the side would help as well).

As such I will nominating myself in admin to make war zone great again!

If you have been hurt by this game, you could be due compensation. Phone 666 to make your voice heard!
#CancelTheAdmins: 8/15/2022 16:54:55

Level 63
How much do you want for those passports? I might need a new one after tomorrow...
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