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Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 14:04:30

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
If it actually was a good game then your opponent deserves more than a 2 letter acronym. It is overused and therefore meaningless.
Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 14:14:20

Level 66
ws ;)
Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 14:21:29

Level 53
I think gg has basically become a way to remind your opponent you have surrendered and therefore the game has ended so they can now either accept your surrender or watch their history now they know it's ended.GG is also used to suggest to the opponents you have won and they should surrender which itself is quite arrogant and insulting.I would be interested to know the first warlight game was said.

GG is not just a thing affecting warlight it has been ingrained in all our game cultures and has persisted for over 10 years now as the earliest definition of gg on urban dictionary was on 2003 so therefore something that has gone on for so long on warlight and other games and is neither deadly to the game aside from being annoying to people can not become stopped easily especially considering now it is common courtesy to reply gg to someone or say gg.

Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 15:13:32

The Great Pulsius 
Level 57
When a Master Race member finishes a game with another Real Aryan, the proper phrase is HH not GG.
Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 15:23:17

Level 58
Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 17:22:52

Level 48
If you don't enjoy a match enough to even say gg then why even play at all ??

And as Ironheart pointed out, it is common courtesy to say something so an opponent knows the game is over.
Though if you feel your opponent deserves more then that feel free to offer them a free hand-job ;)
Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 18:48:23

Level 50
How about bg? lol
Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 19:03:38

Level 2
to me sounds like MR got made after he lost and some one said GG so he posted here about hating GG dont worry some one gets the best of us sooner or later
Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 19:04:43

{rp} General Mac 
Level 53
What are you talking about Master Race! its just about being polite

When 2 tennis players finish a match what do you think they do if the game was boring?

walk to the net, shake hands, say well played good game

they dont just walk off silently thinking...well that was crap

i bet you are a the type of person who doesnt say please or thank you

2 letter acronym gg is just short hand...as everything is online now adays

you miserable miserable man!!
Stop saying gg: 7/20/2013 19:25:57

Mike |GG| 
Level 61
gg— good game

only one player after his lost told me not to say it was a gg.

sometimes I also doesn't like to say that especially when I play shitty:)

anyway gg became slogan to say thx for game, that's why I always say 'gg thx'.
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