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WW2 Strategic World : Expansions!: 11/21/2014 04:55:26

Level 54
If you liked WW2 Tactics - Strategic World December 1941, then you'll also enjoy the multiple expansion battlegrounds that will soon be available. These battles will simulate a variety of battles and campaigns, such as the Battle of Berlin, Battle of the Atlantic, Battle of Britain, Battle of Stalingrad, North African Campaign, Indochinese-Burma-India Theatre, Battle of the Coral Sea, D-Day, Dunkirk, etc.

Some battlegrounds will involve diplomatic opportunity, some will be grudge matches where resources are scarce, some will be pinning massive power against massive power and many will involve a gentle mix of all these ingredients. This first scenario, however, will focus on strained resources and ambitious captures.

WW2 Tactics : Desert Rats
This will be a selection of African Theatre-focused scenarios.

Desert Rats - Operation Sonnenblume
Italian forces have fought ceaselessly against the relentless British soldiers. Despite making major gains, British forces have finally repelled the Italian assault and have pushed them out of the initiative. Der fuehrer has assigned a large portion of troops to form an Afrika Korps and bolster the Italian forces for their next assault. Play as Rommel or Graziani and rule the sands just as easily as the low countries, or hold the line as Alexander, Weygand or Portal as you prepare to follow up Operation Compass with a decisive victory at El Alamein!

  • Local Deployments ( build long supply lines, they said. the longer the better, they said.)
  • Multi-Attack ( tanks )
  • 20% Luck ( one minute, your tanks are breaking down, the next minute, you win despite being at a 3:1 disadvantage. Go figure. )
  • Little income at desert regions, coastal regions have slightly more income, city regions have much more income.
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