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New diplomacy mod: Factions: 2022-07-15 14:40:21

Level 60
It already has been public for a while, but I've never really introduced the mod to the forums xD. So here you go :)

The Factions mod contains a lot of newest developments in the modded scenes and is therefore (so far) the most complex yet easy-to-use mod publically available.

The mod features a custom team system, called Factions. Players can create, join and leave Factions whenever they want. Players that are in the same Faction as you are considered allies. To be able to attack another player you must first declare war on them. However, Factions can go to war against other Factions (Faction / team wars)

Factions have a custom chat they can use whenever they want. Anything that happens between the turns that you should know is added to a notification that pops up whenever you open the game. Doing something in the mod itself (like declaring war on someone) triggers a refresh for the window to show the correct data.

The mod has a ton of configuration options (settings), small little tweaks that the game creator can configure to add to the game.

Besides these settings, the mod allows the game creator to pre-set anything like relation between slots and Factions for Custom Scenario games (this allows for a more understandable diplomacy games, where there are custom teams that are forced from the start but are not forced the entire game)

This was just a long story short, I've been developing this mod for the last 2 months, adding, testing and improving it anywhere I could...
There already is a manual for it in the Big E project, so include the Essentials mod whenever you want to play with this mod for the documentation!!!
New diplomacy mod: Factions: 2022-07-17 15:14:28

Level 62
I've played it in a test game. It's a great alternative to the Diplo mods.

I like the ability to create a team (faction), give it a name, be able to easily see who is in which faction at any given time without having to search through move history and track yourself who joined what as I've had to do with diplo mods.
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