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Very long and complicated SE games: 7/9/2022 16:16:30

Level 62
I seem to be getting a lot of 30+ turn SE games recently.... here are some example of long and complicated games






I also have plenty games that I lost that are really cool, but due to the past games tab saying 'you surrendered' instead of showing how many turns it lasted, i can't find any.

what are some of your most long and complicated se games
Very long and complicated SE games: 7/11/2022 15:14:46

Level 61
it's probably that you're "equally balanced" or are just having a moment of equilibrium with your opponent. Perhaps you're not committing yourself to winning or are in a fog of war state.

I had a gg in this match for the record https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=31111209

Need to get those cards.

Edited 7/11/2022 15:16:15
Very long and complicated SE games: 7/12/2022 13:41:04

Level 62
Yup :( I understand that a lot of 7v7 games are like that, but it seems that I can't push for a win very well. Any tips to be more agressive to push more?
Very long and complicated SE games: 8/2/2022 11:57:13

DW: Soz, NGL, I Play SLOW. UV BN Warned! 
Level 57
...in small earth?
play with folks who play small earth often and are willing to share their knowledge.

(I still lose almost half my Quick Match small earth games, and I should look back more often to learn things.)
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