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WZIB Bug?: 2022-07-08 08:54:02

Level 60
2 Times the following happend after I joined a Battle:
When the Battle started I was basically playing alone. Noone attacked me and couldn't attack anyone. I could see the other players on the right but they were all at 0 territorys. They still moved in placing though but I was in 1st the entire time. The 1st time I disconected after about one and a half minutes of playing. The 2nd time I could play untill I finished the battle but then nothing happend. The game just kept going and I could still upgrade Army Camps or use Artifacts etc. In the end I needed to surrender. Is this just a wierd connection issue or a bug? Has this happend to anyone else?

Edited 7/8/2022 09:03:50
WZIB Bug?: 2022-07-08 09:02:49

Level 63
Yep, i've had that once as well.

Its a connection issue and a bug, mostly because the connection is buggy as hell. So perhaps report it to bring it to Fizzers attention again.
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