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Map start. Supercharge camp then free cashe or...: 7/7/2022 16:11:30

Level 39
I just started a level. I put my army camp to a modest level, charged it up with an artifact then used the free cashe.
Later in the map it's a pretty good thing to do.
However I am thinking, when the camps cost in the low 4 digits to upgrade perhaps it would be better to use the cashe first, pound the money into upping your camp and then supercharging it at a much higher level even if you don't get as many armies up front from the cashe.

Don't get me wrong, doing charge then cashe does wonders for a game start but I am wondering if the other way would be better.
Or maybe it doesn't make a difference and you end up in Folsom Prison till you die either way.
Map start. Supercharge camp then free cashe or...: 7/8/2022 08:34:30

Level 63
I would do SAC -> capture bonuses and caches to get money -> upgrade camps -> when SAC almost runs out: FC
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