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WARLORD RODI ETHICS: 7/6/2022 03:12:12

Level 65
Im writing this warning while im in a game with Warlord Rodi.
The specific game is one of his 500 coingames Local Deployment on Imperium Romanum.
Hes keeping me hostage for hours right now and is threatening to do so for many more hours.
His reason for it is that i booted him out of a previous game after waiting for 15 minutes.
I host those Local Deployment games a lot myself, also for 500 coins, slightly different in settings (I have autoboot after 15 mins, and I host with light fog, and reinforcementcards and blockade cards).
I get booted often in those because of the fact that those games are slow to fill because of the coins involved.
To my opinion thats on me. Opponents waited for 15 minutes, I didnt show up so its a fair boot.
When I booted Warlord Rodi he got so pissed that he started to keep me hostage (playing on while the game is lost hours ago)
Im to stubborn to give into this so i guess i have to wait a couple more hours, allthough its 5am atm.
But just for other players who are tempted to join his games... my advice would be, DONT.
This person is extremely sour and gonna waste half a day if your unlucky...

Good night my fellow WZ members!
WARLORD RODI ETHICS: 7/6/2022 03:35:53

Level 64
Damn it rodi stop it
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