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Should I wait before Super Ascending?: 6/25/2022 06:19:40

Level 62
I’ve held off until I got the artifacts I wanted (leg IV, leg SAC and ins TW) but I am worried that the mind blowing thing that fizzer has been working on will be announced and change the nature of Sasc and make the strategies people have been using be outdated? It doesn’t even have to be the mind blowing thing, it can just be the next update because Sasc is broken and in need for a fixing. What do y’all think?
Should I wait before Super Ascending?: 6/25/2022 12:23:27

Level 61
There’s a lot to unpack here…

I think you answer your own question. If “super ascensions are broken” as you seem to believe then that suggests you don’t think it’s worth it to super ascend. I (and others) disagree but it’s ultimately up to you which will give you more enjoyment from the game.
Should I wait before Super Ascending?: 6/25/2022 21:49:22

Level 63
The update is probably ages away, and WZI is pretty finished as is, so I doubt its going to affect SAsc (and the update teaser is posted in WZ Classic topic, not in WZ Idle, so that further supports that).

So just SAsc when you feel you are ready for it, and dont bother waiting for the update.
Should I wait before Super Ascending?: 6/26/2022 22:04:38

Level 26
Its completely unknown. You might regret doing it... but the opposite is also true, you might regret having waited and losing something (like we did lose the leg TS).
I would do it. Why wait? We dont know whats on the horizon or when it would come nor if its good or bad. So might as well keep playing. Of course, dont do it if you dont like what you get from it. (SASC sadly kinda removes a ton of artifacts "from the game" for me by which I mean, they are not worth keeping over the others and by the time you get them back, things likecraft/smelt speed, you probably wont make much use out of them)
Should I wait before Super Ascending?: 6/27/2022 08:07:41

Level 40
I'd certainly do it now rather than wait, especially since you have three artifacts you want to carry over. Any digs spent between now and superascending are wasted, unless you are going to hold off to make another insane and superascend with two artifacts. So basically, it's either now, or in three legendary artifact's time (which would be over 400 days with your Time Warp in continuous use, modified by digging speed bonuses... it's still a long time).
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