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Highest 1v1 Ladder rating: 6/30/2013 19:18:52

Level 58
What is the highest 1v1 ladder rating anyone has achevied?

http://warlight.net/LadderTeam?LadderTeamID=2104 Julkorn hit 2328 for about 20 hours inbetween his games with Dom and grona, and after seeing this I was interested to see if he broke any records.
http://warlight.net/LadderTeam?LadderTeamID=146 Doushibag only got 2253, even after gaming the ladder.
http://warlight.net/LadderTeam?LadderTeamID=1284 After doing a small search of the players on the top section of the ladder right now I see Tigger got to 2357.

If anyone knows of another player who got that high I am interested to see, especially since Tigger was gaming the system, so is Julkorn the player with the best rating that played it normally?
Highest 1v1 Ladder rating: 6/30/2013 19:39:58

Level 51
tigger didnt game the system, he was thinking about it, but didnt
Highest 1v1 Ladder rating: 6/30/2013 21:44:12

Mostly Harmless 
Level 55
Oliebol got close at 2305: http://warlight.net/LadderTeam?LadderTeamID=265.
I think Niko also got over 2300 once, but I'm not sure.
I don't think any others got past 2300.
Highest 1v1 Ladder rating: 6/30/2013 21:46:06

Level 57
Honestly, I stalled the game against grona using my 3 days and waiting for my last loss to expire.
Highest 1v1 Ladder rating: 7/1/2013 02:28:51

professor dead piggy 
Level 59

Another thread all about me.
Highest 1v1 Ladder rating: 7/1/2013 10:37:28

Level 66
I thought that elo ratings depend on number of player involved. And that would make comparing ratings from different times pointless. (but i'm not sure about that)
Highest 1v1 Ladder rating: 7/1/2013 10:46:50

Ace Windu 
Level 56
Yeah kszyhoo, you're right, ratings inflate as more people join the ladder.
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