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Phase 4 questions: 6/14/2022 19:59:57

Level 26

I just unlocked phase 4, so many great techs to get! Not even sure where to start but I do have a few questions.

= Simul Levels: I assume you can only play levels you already have unlocked. So unless 10x skip level, I will only be able to use it to play "previous" levels right?
- Also how does it interact with ascension? Sai I reach Europe Huge, beat it. If I still have other maps going, does it block me from ascension? Makes sense it does or you could exploint it (start 4 hard levels and do them while going thorugh the boring easy levels at the "next ascension") but wanted to confirm it.
- Can you 5x same level (at same time)? Just curious, I dont think it would be wise (though 2x some of the hard levels maybe would be cool).

= How does Auto-dig star and choose? Does it start as soon ad the last one is done? Does it go by the order in the list?

= Auto Market???? What??????

= Auto Tech - I assume it goes by order aka cheapest kinda like start with tech.

I'm just curious about how these work. Not gonna use most if any of them (i obviously want simul levels though).
Phase 4 questions: 6/15/2022 05:43:08

Level 60
Simultaneous levels is best paired with Can Skip Levels in phase 3.

When you try to ascend, it'll ask you to abandon all on-going levels. In the past it wasn't the case and I exploited it massively......until Fizzer fixed that.

You cannot play multiple copies of the same level at the same time.
Phase 4 questions: 6/15/2022 08:52:16

Level 26
Thank you!
Forgot about skip level on ohase 3 since I play all levels.
Phase 4 questions: 6/15/2022 11:21:50

Level 61
My P4 recommendations are focus on Better Hospitals, then Increased Army Caches. Those are hands down the 2 best Adv's in the game right after Joint Strike (JS still better, notably b/c it's available right away and cheaper).

These 2 Adv's directly lead to quicker clear times by changing nothing about your play style, and if you do adjust to focus on a good Army Cache artifact & prioritize army caches & hospital upgrades, you can even further increase and simplify clear times.

AAQ is also good b/c it will use JS, thus saving more armies. It's a QOL item, so you don't have to click 3000-4000 territories on levels on HEH or Hex. A finger saver. I recommend unlocking it to 5% or 10%.
Phase 4 questions: 6/15/2022 13:08:01

Level 26
Thank you for the recommendations.

I havent decided what to get just yet, but yes hospitals are very important to me. (Though I would love another tech to reduce time to 1h instead of 2... 2 is just too long and I only upgrade hospitals twice).

AAQ is useless to me. I only auto conquer whats free. my normal is at 50% so after I upgrade my hospitals twice I turn it on (after leaving just enough to conquer only free stuff). That usually takes care of the biggest part of the map and I manually do the rest, I enjoy it. Also I refuse to spent AP on a tech that is a repeat of a tech already in the game. Its bullshit.

I just wanted to understand how the others works. I can guess how some works but im not sure, as for auto market.. i cant even imagine how it would work. Makes no sense me.
Phase 4 questions: 6/15/2022 18:39:43

Level 63

This is an older thread on auto-market. Still works as described there.

Btw, auto-draft is great, one of the very few auto-techs that is really useful.

Edited 6/15/2022 18:58:44
Phase 4 questions: 6/15/2022 21:27:39

Level 26
That was a very useful topic, thanks for sharing now I understand it. Thank you!

Yes I plan on getting (not in this order)
1 or 2 extra levels.
Max hospitals
Max Army Cache
Max Auto Draft
Maybe Faster digging if I need it.
Then maybe go back to the others tiers? Well need to think about it, when I go for super asc.
Phase 4 questions: 6/21/2022 09:16:10

Level 62
Maybe faster digging? that should be your second priority after better hospital
Phase 4 questions: 6/21/2022 11:35:31

Level 26
Still thinking about it, but probably not since I don't focus so hard on digging (usually only 1, 2 max per level). I'm not in a hurry to super asc, I still have many objectives before I do. Though maybe dig after army cache...
Phase 4 questions: 6/24/2022 14:18:57

Level 61
What map are you on? You may feel differently about AAQ once you get to HEH or Hex, etc, the maps with >3000 territories.

The reason . . . that's a lot of clicking, so you need AQ or AAQ. You can get by with AQ, but you need to do some additional work clicking throughout the map to ensure that AQ doesn't accidentally botch and capture the 737B, 280B, 140B or the other 40B-130B territories without JS. You can reduce your armies to a point where it can't capture those, but then you're doing lots of clicks again which goes against the whole point of using AQ. Also keep in mind that the army caches on Hex provide (depending on your army cache buffs) somewhere between 1.5T - 5T armies, so these giant territories will definitely be scope of your 50% AQ. Using AAQ gives you somewhere between 10-25% savings over AQ, how big the savings is random, simply a matter whether AQ captures in clusters and incidentally gets JS captures or not, sometimes using AQ is disastrous, sometimes it works out great. I find that leveraging AAQ over AQ on Hex is enough to not have to be diligent in capturing all the big territories. I can just enable AAQ and watch it go.

Esp Hex, where you benefit from clearing it 5-6 times in a row before doing another Asc, the AP is provides is big enough to warrant it. So when you need to click 3200 territories 5+ times in a row, you appreciate AAQ.

Also keep in mind that once you have Better Hospitals & Increased Army Caches maxed out, maybe IACP to 100-300%, you will still have >68.7K AP you need to spend in P4. The first level of AAQ for 5% is 5000 AP, and is well worth it to save your fingers/time. You gotta spend that 68K AP somewhere in P4, so may as well get AAQ and #SaveTheFingers.

FWIW, I totally agree that it's a sham to have a better version of a previous Adv... but alas, we don't make the game. I'd much rather it be separate, cheaper upgrades to augment the existing AQ. Give me an option to upgrade JS, prioritization of hospitals/merc camps/army camps/caches/etc each as separate and On/Off checkboxes as upgrades for AQ.

And while we're at it, put all the On/Off checkboxes for Autos grouped together somewhere. Don't care where they fall within P1/2/3/4, the On/Off checkboxes need to be grouped better, preferably at the top of the tab with a Show/No Show the Auto-On/Off Checkbox section. It's really annoying to scroll down the top of P2 to enable/disable AQ. I guess another benefit of AAQ, scroll down to the bottom, and it's right there, visible, easy to Enable/Disable. (;

Edited 6/24/2022 14:19:41
Phase 4 questions: 6/24/2022 15:57:37

Level 26
Awesome suggestion of grouping on/of auto stuff.

As for where I am, I did 2 normal ASCs and am now on TRISK (I do all levels and skip none, didn't try hard trisk and those after it yet). I understand what you mean, but so far I enjoy the clicking.
TLDR: I use AQ only to get free zones. If it saves 2b, I leave 4B armies and let it go with money cache, army cache, hospital boost artifacts. Whet its done I click the rest manually, I enjoy it so far.

Long boring version: I play until I have all 4 merc discounts + alloy value + hospital discount. I usually get all markets, depends on level, then I get all hospitals. I upgrade them and if im home 2 time warps (If i need to craft something for hospital bost tech I do it while hospital upgrading), I upgrade hospitals again. Then use AQ on every free zone. Then I buy all mercs and manually finish the level. (wont have enough money on so levels though, 4 so far)

This is probably gonna change on my 4th asc, because I'm gathering some intel to help facilitate my choices (wheres everything I need, best way to reach it and so on).

After my first super asc yes I will probably use it, though I deslike the idea because I don't like "spent AP twice on the same thing except one turns the other useless".

Still thank you for the reply, has a lot of insight I will make use of in the future!
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