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Pricks...: 11/11/2014 06:31:13

Level 19
Okay, I don't wanna bash or anything because I actually find this game quite fun. But I must say I absolutely dislike the community that plays it. Sure, I found a few of you that are pretty chill, but for the most, you guys are fucking pricks. There is like zero generosity for noobs here is what I noticed, most get taken advantage of or declared PE despite not knowing what they had done, or get treated like children. Most of the games I have played I was instantly ignored, despite the chat raging on with alliance requests. I tend to play diplo's because I found them more strategic, being a player of Civilization. After about 2 or 3 turns each time, I get gangbanged by multiple countries or witness happening to someone else being ignored. But all of us have one thing in common, we are new players. Another incident happened recently when I was declared PE for not following a "no expanding into other states until you completely finish your starting one" rule (which half the other players were not following as well). I never saw this rule, like I said I'm new. So I apologized, finished up my state and then finally started expanding. But apparently, I was still PE. I was called numerous childish insults the entire process but that was not my major concern. The fact that I and another new player were the ONLY ones PE despite the majority of the other players CONTINUING to do the same thing, agitated me. And the best part was I was called various idiotic names the entire time, despite not provoking anyone.

So I was just wondering... are most of the people that play this game like preteens or something? Because that's what I seem to get out of all this. I know there is a lot of cool people that play this, but I sense a lot of children play it too. I don't know, I know I am bitching, but I have the day off and nothing else better to do :p I think I'll just stick to Civ 5. The only reason I gave this game a chance is because my friend doesn't have Civ 5, and he likes strategy games, so we resorted to this. And boy did I get a lovely welcome.

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Pricks...: 11/11/2014 06:37:52

Red Menace
Level 55
Listen, newbie. I think you should take a break from diplos, they're just not for you. Try a normal FFA.

You don't choose the diplo life, the diplo life chooses you...
Pricks...: 11/11/2014 06:49:09

Level 56
After about 2 or 3 turns each time, I get gangbanged by multiple countries or witness happening to someone else being ignored

The fact that I and another new player were the ONLY ones PE despite the majority of the other players CONTINUING to do the same thing, agitated me

Same thing happens in the real world. Just look at the US. Everyone wants to win.
Pricks...: 11/11/2014 06:50:21

Level 40
Okay, first of all, probably avoid making thread titles like this.

Second of all, sounds like you just had a bad string of luck with picking diplos. I can recommend quite a few Diplo oriented clans where they have numerous good games, simple and inviting, and welcome to newer players.

WWII based clan

Roleplayers Realm
Game of Thrones theme

Based around obviously, The United States government and Military. Lots of these members play and create nice diplos.

The League of Nations
A very nice clan to get into, based around global politics and (from what I know)takes clan politics very seriously. Variety of diplos, Certain members create extravagant diplos, very well thought out and perfected over time.

Roleplays Guild {RP}
The first roleplay clan ever, excellent taste in quality. Sadly invite only, but it's something to strive for if you really enjoy diplos and roleplay.

Yet another Diplo clan, fun friendly players, sort of active community.

Also a nice clan like Hogosha. Fun players.

Getting into one of these clans can (almost) assuredly guarantee you join nice diplos, but be careful when joining open seat diplos. I know that real time appeals to you, but those are often rushed and can agitate a person easily. Try out the multiday selection, as there is a variety of choices and are more slow paced, allowing for proper explanation and more in-depth analysis of game rules. It's also a far better crowd than RT diplo players.
Pricks...: 11/11/2014 08:19:15

Level 19
But the thing is, I'm actually pretty good. (remember I play civilization) Its just really I don't know... childish. Not in a sense of gameplay, just the community I have encountered so far. And I don't like FFA, its boring in my opinion. But I don't care, I don't really have a desire to play this game anymore. It is totally my fault though, for expecting a browser game to come remotely close in comparison with Civilization, I should not have done that, It might have completely ruined my experience. I'm not bashing, because its fun for a free-to-play game i'll admit.

And no... It was completely biased, like everyone was against us and we happened to be the lowest levels around. I wouldn't have been surprised if they ended the match after we got finished, they were stroking each others dicks so much.

And yeah, I'll be honest with you, I was just letting off some healthy agitation. Lol, better to go on the internet than at my family or some shit like that.

And Mr. Pride, I will definitely look into that. Thanks man! Who knows, maybe I will stick with this game, I'm not really a clan person but it looks like my only hope haha.
Pricks...: 11/11/2014 08:27:12

Level 55

But yeah ... wanting warlight to be like Civ is like wanting risk to be like civ

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Pricks...: 11/11/2014 08:36:41

{rp} eisenheim
Level 57
Diplomacy games in RT games tend to be a kill fest with no real respect for Role Playing rules and so on. Those games don't really reflect the better part of the community.

You could explore other options such as 1v1 or team games. Usually those games have respectful if not helpful players. Or as Pride pointed out, you could join a clan if RP games are your only real interest. You could rise through the clans as such till you find fellow RP players you enjoy playing with.

Course, that is if you decide to stick around.
Pricks...: 11/13/2014 19:28:35

Level 60
Well I don't really play diplomacy games so I don't know how those people act. But there are very few bad apples in strategic games and tournaments I think.
Pricks...: 11/13/2014 19:31:39

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
I agree with Ehrmantraut, I had the same issue as you, I remember when the Real Time Diplomacy craze first began, as I helped it along with a few skillfully crafted RT templates or my own. However, as time has gone one, the Real Time arena has become a place where "diplos" are merely pre arranged team gangbangs on all of the unsuspecting few. I rose from no clan, to good clans where I learned a lot, Like mongols, and I wound up in the clan I strove for, the Roleplayers Guild, keep at it and ignore Doomsday, he gets back every few months to be a cunt then gets banned again.
Pricks...: 11/16/2014 07:10:51

Level 19
I almost forgot about this post :p So I have decided to stick around and continue playing. I don't play as much as I used too though. I don't know about joining clans, because I simply just wouldn't be able to offer that amount of dedication or time. But I am completely happy with multi-day games, fun stuff! Thanks guys for all the input.
Pricks...: 11/16/2014 22:28:26

Level 54
If you want Kryptik, I could get you in the loop for my clan's next series of diplomacy games. See how you are and stuff.
Pricks...: 11/17/2014 10:09:50

Level 57
Diplomacy games like this, there are a lot of players want the points.
So they cheat or behave badly, some at least 3-4 in every game Diplomacy.
Pricks...: 11/17/2014 18:52:36

LustyTrucker 10:4
Level 47
lol. all these troll noobs giving advice
Pricks...: 11/20/2014 02:35:50

Level 19
Depends if I have the time Genghis, thanks tho. Ya, I don't really care or see the point in points, I just play.
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