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The Confederate States of America: 11/6/2014 03:14:31

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
Did anybody else realize that the government of the confederacy never officially surrendered ad there is a government webpage for the CSA? there are elections and representatives and supreme court and all official documents that make this legitimate? its scary and odd, to think that below the USA there is still as the site calls it "CSA government in forced exile" and that they assume the states formerly Confederate are under occupation? They do preach no violence and to not attempt to start a war though, and they are actively trying to sign an official treaty with the US to end the war?

The Confederate States of America: 11/6/2014 06:00:28

Level 54
If it came down to it, America wouldn't have a 2nd Civil War, rather a revolution. When a new government is in order, it's a Civil War. But a new nation? We'd have a revolution on our hands. I digress, this " revolution " would probably be started by some sort of conservative group spouting how our current government is going against everything our founding fathers were doing ( just read George Washington's final address, WTF bruh!?!? POLITICAL PARTIES!? ) and then discussing how our rights are being taken away from us or something. No, this is not a gun control debate thread. Anyway, I doubt CSA fervor would start another war, and I doubt the CSA will ever rise up again, as the same political entity at least. I missed States' Rights as much as the next guy, but it's over Obie. You're too old, let go. NOBODY listen to techno.
The Confederate States of America: 11/6/2014 11:52:08

Level 55

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The Confederate States of America: 11/6/2014 13:57:00

6th Army Group
Level 52
The South (and by that I mean Southeastern states) could never fare alone, even with Texas.

There is not likely going to be any "peace treaty" signed, because this would mean that the US acknowledges the "government in exile" as a legitimate faction, which is crazy because of those people have no connection to a confederacy that was stomped into the ground 145 years ago
The Confederate States of America: 11/6/2014 14:58:57

Level 57
It's actually quite a useful institution to keep around. May prove useful one day and until then they can pretend it doesn't exist...
The Confederate States of America: 11/6/2014 23:47:50

Level 60
"they terk our jerbs"
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