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Structures for Custom Scenarios mod: 3/28/2022 12:33:08

Level 60
It's finally here...
I've spent a few good days of my free time in this, but I managed to get it working.

I proudly present to you, a mod that can be used in combination with custom scenarios that adds structures to the game from the beginning of the game, the Structures for Custom Scenarios mod!
Note that this mod is not yet public, I'm currenty testing it but it will be soon

Now, let me you explain why this is a major, important and interesting mod.

First off, there is no other way to add any structure to the game as a game creator. Yes, individual players can add structures like cities (commerce games) and army camps (Forts mod) but this is not controlled by the game creator. If a game creator wanted to have specific structures on specific territories he wouldn't been able to do this.

Second, the possibilities are endless. There are currently 18 structures in the game (cities and all idle structures) and only cities have a functionality without the use of mods. But mods can add functionality to any structure, with endless posibilities. A bit of an insight in my projects, but I'm currently developing a Hospitals and a Artillery Strike mod which both add functionality to structures (Hospitals, Attacks and Mortars to be precise). Believe me, you can make really good scenarios with this mod xD

At last, The mod is quite easy to use. If you follow the steps below (at How to use) I'll explain how you should use the mod. All you need is a membership (otherwise you cannot use mods) and a bit of creativity

How to use
In order to have structures from the start of the game you must however do some things. Just like building a custom scenario, it won't create itself xD. Also, you can only add structures to your scenario in singleplayer games.

    1. I recommend to build your custom scenario first without any structure. The mod will also only build the structures if the game is a custom scenario.
    2. When you have a custom scenario and you want to add structures, you should add the mod to the game (duhh, but it's necessairy xD)
    3. The mod has 2 inputs. One is a text field THAT YOU SHOULD LEAVE ALONE for now, and the other is a checkbox for testing you scenario. When you add the mod for the first time to the game you should make sure the mod is not in testing mode
    4. Then, start the game. Once in the game you can add structures to the territories.
    5. Before you can start adding structures, you should commit for the first turn (this is also enforced by the mod) due to a input issue you get that disables your ability to deploy and thus disables the ability commit (which is necessairy to make any changes regarding adding and removing the structures)
    6. When you are in turn 2, you'll notice you don't have to deploy anymore and nothing has changed to the standing. This is because the mod will skip any order that is not created by the mod itself.
    7. Open the mod menu and press [Start]
    8. You're now able to select whole bonuses and individual territories (change selection mode by clicking the [Select mode:] button). Any territory you add to the list will be listed at the bottom of the mod menu. To remove a territory / bonus from your list simply click the territory / bonus again. (Note that when you click on a bonus, every territory in that bonus will be added to / removed from the list)
    9. Once you have selected the territories you want to add a structure to, click the [Choose structure] button. It will prompt you to click one of the options or to cancel the action. It will always add 1 structure, to add more you can repeat this step again. The mod will create an order and will add this to your order list. To remove 1 specific structure make sure the checkbox is checked. Note that when selected a lot of territories the mod will sometimes add multiple orders instead of one.
    10. Whenever you want you can commit your turn. This will apply all the changes to the structures you made.
    That's basically the building part complete :)

Now you have a custom scenario with pre-build structures, great! But how can you create the same game again in multiplayer, but now that players are actually able to make orders? Well, it's good that you ask, because this mod has an import / export function!

    1. When you are done with adding structures you should re-open the mod menu. Now you don't click the [start] button but the [Get data] button.
    2. It will take you to a window with a single text field. COPY THE TEXT AND DO NOT, DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE TEXT. This text contains all the information about the structures the mod has to build, making changes to it will very likely make the mod crash.
    3. You can paste this text wherever you want, just make sure you don't lose it since you'll have to build the structures again if you do.
    4. When you're creating the multiplayer game, you can paste the text into the text field in the mod configuration. This way the mod knows where it needs to build what structure and how many of them.

This seems a lot more complicated that it is, but essentially is just building a custom scenario. The main differences are that you have to copy / paste a string instead of saving a template and can't see the added / removed structures immediately.

Coming back on something I mentioned before, the functionality of the structures. You can add any structure to any territory with this mod, but that doesn't mean the structure 'does' something. This mod also does not add the functionality itself, it only builds the structures.

This is why you need other mods to add functionality to structures. This is also the beautiful part of this mod, this is a perfect oppertunity to let mods work together.
Here's a list of all the mods that do something with structures:

  • [Beta] BetterCities and group Chat: Not compatible with this mod. The mod will need to be updated before you create a game with this combination of mods
  • Capture The Flag: compatible, but you're not yet able to specify where flags are located
  • Forts: fully compatible
  • King of the Hills: compatible, but you're not yet able to specify where the hills are located
  • Portals: compatible, but you're not yet able to specify where the portals are located
  • Random Starting Cities: compatible

if you're thinking 'wow is it even worth it to use this mod? There are almost no mods I can use to add functionality to structures' you just need to have a bit more patience. There are a lot of mods still in the making, the following already only by me:

  • Devensive Positions mod: Every territory with a Mercenary Camp has X% extra devensive killrate
  • Hospitals mod: When you lose armies in an attack (both devensive and offensive) and there's a hospital nearby some armies might be recovered
  • Artillery Strike mod: Cannons and mortars can attack territories from a long range distance.

Edited 3/28/2022 12:35:58
Structures for Custom Scenarios mod: 3/29/2022 22:16:43

Level 60
I've created a test game and all seems to work. I'll be making this mod public soon: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=30304953
Structures for Custom Scenarios mod: 3/31/2022 16:41:51

Level 58
well done mate. u are a modding god
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