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Enable player raffle !Startraffle coins <x>: 2022-03-21 11:44:51

Level 33
Players can start a raffle of their own with command !Startraffle coins/superpower <x> either in global chat or guild chat for fun.
Enable player raffle !Startraffle coins <x>: 2022-03-21 19:10:57

Level 63
Lol, that would be an awesome idea!

I dont think it works as chat command, but it could work well as a popup window. That way the costs could be explained in more detail (cause Im assuming Fizzer is going to take some tax from this), and the user can see what he (=user) has available to give. And give errors when the player tries to give away something he doesnt have.

There probably should be a time limit as well (once per day?).

Edited 3/21/2022 19:23:33
Enable player raffle !Startraffle coins <x>: 2022-03-21 19:19:42

Level 64
I don't think Mango is talking about players starting a raffle with a reward from Fizzer's stash, but from their own. Meaning what you would offer as a reward would come directly from you. Like, if you wanted to start a raffle worth 5 coins, those would be 5 of your coins up for grabs.
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