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Few mod ideas: 3/21/2022 09:46:58

Level 62
1) Order Manipulation card: When played, the player gets to choose whether to use it as an Order Delay or Order Priority card.

2) Given card pieces: Player gets given card pieces, whether they conquered a territory or not.

3) Gold Fever: let f(x)=ax+b be a function, game creators get to choose constants a and b. Starting turn 1, if any player has strictly less income than f(amount of turns passed) at any time during their turn, they lose. This is interesting because an enemy breaking your bonus can lose you the game instantly. Makes "early" attacks a relevant tactic.

4) Double or nothing: only duplicated bonuses count as bonuses for distribution purposes. A universal way how to play "Random Warlords Distribution" on Biome-like bonus systems.

5) Structures+: A mod focused on making multiple mods with structures compatible. Assume you want to have a mod that uses a structure (like army camp), but want to make it as compatible with other mods as possible. In other words, you want to make a structure that other mods don't use. What is the easiest way how to know which structure that is? Well, you simply can ask. This mod simply allows other mods to call the "ask(string, int, ...)" function.
The string is a description of what would assigned structure do, followed by int N and N structures your mod would like to see used in given place (preference list). The function would return the first structure which is not used by other mods in the game in your preference list. If all structures in your list are used, an unused structure would be assigned. It also contains a menu which allows player to see function (the string argument of ask function) of assigned structures.

6) Commerce+: A mod more focused on making new mods easier, rather than being played on. Bonuses give armies/ turn, players use armies to deploy. The map starts with (host given number) of prebuild at least (host given number) of territories away. The cities give +1 gold to the player owning them. The player can open a shop, which would show them how much gold they have and allow them to spend gold (for example on cards, structures like forts etc.). The job of this mod is to handle cities/ shop UI. Adding actual items in the shop (and making them work) would be the job of other mods.

Edited 3/21/2022 09:53:18
Few mod ideas: 3/22/2022 19:24:18

Level 60
1) Not sure I am sold on the why, but should also be relatively simple to make.

3) Might be fun, not sure how you would balance this well thru? What happens if everyone goes under the limit?
4) What is a duplicated bonus?
A universal way how to play "Random Warlords Distribution" on Biome-like bonus systems.
Mods for at least some maps doing this already exist. Not sure universal is possible.
This mod simply allows other mods to call the "ask(string, int, ...)" function.

Not possible. Mods can't call functions in other mods, or otherwise be aware of them. They are all sandboxed if you will
6)I don't fully understand this. But probably same issue as 5) anyway. Mod's don't interact with each other like that.
Few mod ideas: 3/22/2022 19:36:15

Level 62
4) Duplicated bonus = 2 bonuses that contain the same territories.
6) Well, this sucks. Still could be a skeleton made so other people can easily edit the mod and add new items.
Few mod ideas: 3/22/2022 22:45:59

Level 63
For 3)
If everyone goes under the limit at once, the player thats closest to the limit will survive. If multiple players are equally close to the limit, kill he rest, and let them play one more turn.
Few mod ideas: 3/23/2022 11:09:39

Level 60
I have a comment on 5 and 6, they are possible but its far from ideal

You can add custom game orders and other mods can read the information stored in these orders. But still, its not ideal.

For the Structures+ mod, it is not worth it. Some mods will need to deploy structures before T1 while T1 is the first time the mods can interact with eachother

For the Commerce+ mod, I can see some possibilities but there are some major problems that will rise. For instance, it would require the other mods to pin a specific structured string as payload with all the information.
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