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YEAH LETS GO: 3/5/2022 18:11:48

Emperor Justinian
Level 53
finally an inkling of WWIII. I have an enormous boner RIGHT NOW. ,my thirst for blood and hope of WWIII is finally justified. its time for the US to advance troops on Moscow. i can discuss nuclear scenarios of various types. which are probably going to happen by the way. all putin has to do is be sick of it mate. the city you live in right now is going to be nuked. a missile is literally aimed at it. i will push the button. i will purposely nuke fresh water sources. we will get WWIII video games <3 !
YEAH LETS GO: 3/5/2022 20:02:00

Level 55
nuclear weapons don't exist
YEAH LETS GO: 3/7/2022 09:38:22

Level 59

are u for real? :o
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