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Moral Hazards of Current-Events based Matches: 2/25/2022 21:28:07

Level 55
Hey there,

For the benefit of the community I wanted to start a conversation around representing current ongoing political conflicts in warzone. It seems like we may be soon having several more to draw from than what has been the case.

The title indicates I might have some position on doing so being morally hazardous, but personally I believe its not only good fun, but if done with manners and smarts, can be really healthy for all the players involved.

Then again, I'm not an expert on most things, and wanted to crowdsource a conversation around the topics of:
  • representing Real tension while remaining politically neutral
  • giving a voice to EARNESTY, but protecting each other from trolls
  • creating a set of community guidelines

    Thank you for reading, and please consider chiming in.

    Safety, Health, and Protection from Forces Outside Our Control to all!
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