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Au revoir !: 10/26/2014 18:23:07

Level 57
Hi everyone,

You’ve seen how busy I am recently, I’ve even been lacking time to write that thing. But I feel like I have to, to say goodbye to a game I really enjoyed and thank a few of its players. Do not bother read if you haven’t really played or spoke with me, it wouldn’t be interesting at all.

I always liked strategic games, and this is the one I reached the more satisfying level in. I played for competition sometimes, but more often to improve, and of course to have fun. I found interest in trying to master something that seems firstly very simple, but deeply-looking is so complex. It’s the impression I’m going to keep of that game, this and the good meetings I had within.

First of all I “met” Willow, and we spend hours playing together, sadly he’s been fed up with Warlight way earlier than me, and we didn’t follow the same path for at least the last year. But I have to thank him for all the great times we had, speaking and discovering the complexity of that game together.

Then more or less WG showed up, by Lolowut’s person asking me if I were interested, while I was just starting to play the ladder. I was quit enthusiastic at first because the clans I was estimating were few, and WG one of them. I discovered its members and took part more or less in its organization through months. But I’ve seen, and I hope participated, in its rise to the top. I’m very proud of what it became, they’re strong, and do not need me anymore. All the members are now way better than they used to, before entering the clan.

I discovered nice people, a new very motivating goal : clan events, and never regretted to have joined WG. It has been very successful, I couldn’t have asked for more in an online game !

I have few words for other players I have to mention there,

Piggy, HHH, Timi, Grona … and many others for being, in different styles, always interesting opponents that I’ve been glad seeing on the other side.

EZPickens, Frank, Wid for all our 2v2 games, you’ve been quite perfect mates.

Mirror, Tenshi and Ineff for the good teamwork we had, and our wl discussions.

Summer for being a constant challenge to me, and my hardest nemesis.

Chris firstly for its complete dedication and its investment for the clan and the game in general, and secondly for his friendly and open-minded behavior about many subjects.

Gnuffone, despite the drama he created, for all the talks and great (and poor :) games we had.

And it’s only a very short list of what came to my mind, a lot of other people made that wl-gaming period very enjoyable.

I can say btw now that I’ve never really seriously run an alt, my amusement being supposed to be one wasn’t faked at all ;-) I had sometimes fun following alts' theater, but I’ve always been more interested in the game and only the game itself.

I of course keep playing the tourneys/games I am currently in, and might join few things, but I’m most likely to disappear (Stopping Promotion and 20 leagues). I’m still using my skype account for the ones who has it, and could be up for rt sometimes ;)

It has been a good story, but now I have to say it, Goodbye Warlight !
Au revoir !: 10/26/2014 18:53:03

Level 57
Bye bye. You seem to have beaten me many times but the once :D
Au revoir !: 10/26/2014 23:19:15

Level 55
gg Marc, remember playing with you and Willow when you were starting out :)
Au revoir !: 10/27/2014 20:28:46

{rp} GeneralGror
Level 58
Nice playing you, marc. Intoxicated or not ;) gg!
Au revoir !: 10/29/2014 23:39:28

Master Miyagi • apex 
Level 59
adios my old friend
Au revoir !: 10/30/2014 16:45:56

Level 60
Au revoir !: 10/30/2014 16:56:06

Level 60
We will miss you for sure. We've had lots of fun over the years and you have made a lasting impact on WG.
Au revoir !: 10/30/2014 19:11:16

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
see ya mate... a pity we haven't ended up on the 2v2 ladder after all.. could have been fun..
Au revoir !: 10/30/2014 19:56:04

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
Fare well marc, hope to see you back sometimes :)
Au revoir !: 10/31/2014 05:07:17

Level 59
Well shucks. Guess I'll have to take you out of the promotion/relegation league then, huh?

Playing you is hard -_-
Au revoir !: 10/31/2014 08:25:09

Level 59
GG and good luck in real life :)

Pleasure to know you, if only as digits in some internet game.
Au revoir !: 10/31/2014 09:49:23

Level 60
au revoir mon ami
Au revoir !: 11/3/2014 07:21:03

Level 59
Thanks for the kind words. It was fun playing with you (introducing me to 2v2 ladder) and against you.

Good luck in your real world pursuits!
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